Sticks and Stones

A Narry Fanfiction.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

After what Harry assumes to be a bad perfomance, he realises that words can hurt. He makes a promise to never hurt someone else with his own words but he breaks this promise and instantly regrets it. He hurts the one he loves and prays that he'll be forgiven but is all hope lost?

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4. Chapter Three


There was a break after rehearsals and Liam headed to the gym.  Zayn found a cosy room to doze off in and the other three ended up in the lounge room. 

Louis left the room, muttering about having to get some food from the kitchen.  This left Niall and Harry.  They sat across from each other on opposite sofas.

Harry whipped out his phone and scrolled through his Twitter timeline; Niall sat twiddling his thumbs, trying his best to avoid glancing at the gorgeous boy in his line of vision.  He leaned forward and reached for the TV remote that sat on the small coffee table in front of them.  He pressed a button and the widescreen Plasma flickered on.

Harry raised his head, his eyes trailing over the side profile of Niall’s face as his gaze focused on the TV, the smooth chiselled jaw, those delicate fingers and the soft dyed blonde hair styled in his famous Faux Hawk.

Niall’s gaze met his for a second, they were ice cold and Harry could swear the boy’s body shivered for a split second.  He was probably seeing things.  He drew his attention back to his phone.

Niall scrolled through the channels and stopped on E4; Scrubs was on.  It was a rerun of the pilot episode.  He leaned back, turned up the volume a bit and placed the remote on the arm of the sofa.  His eyes remained on the TV.

Harry’s gaze shifted to those small pink lips that he really wanted to kiss.  He licked his full lips and imagined what it would be like to kiss Niall James Horan.  His phone into his lap and he gripped the arm rest, his nails digging into it.  He had to stop himself from thinking like this and restrain himself from running the short distance between them and crushing his lips against the other boy’s.

Louis came back into the room with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.  He dug his spoon into it, scooping up some of the ice cream and placing it into his mouth; the chill of it a contrast against his hot mouth.  He let the substance melt on his tongue before swallowing.

He glanced up, sensing the tension.  His gaze flickered between the two boys before landing on the TV, mouth stretching into a big toothy grin. “Scrubs. I love that show!”  He exclaimed, plonking himself down beside Harry.  The younger boy jumped in shock then met his eye, a confused expression on his face.


Louis punched his arm playfully.  “You’re too distracted to notice what’s on TV, Curly!”

Harry blushed hard.

Niall couldn’t hear the TV so he shot a glare at Louis who shut up immediately.

The oldest boy was in a bubbly mood today, continuing to eat his ice cream, slinging an arm around Harry’s neck.  When the programme ended, he planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek, wiggling his eyebrows at a pale faced Niall whose mouth hung slightly agape.

Harry looked over at Louis, wiping his cheek.  “Ew, Lou.” He moaned.

Niall bit his lip and rose from his seat.

“Hey, where are you going?” Louis protested.

Niall shrugged and pointed to the door leading to the corridor, before rushing out of the room.

Louis folded his arms, his playful mood fading.  “What did you do?”

Harry sighed.  “Nothing.”

The older boy slapped him.

“Ow, Lou don’t.” He rubbed his cheek.  “…I knew he heard, when I said what I said.  Now he hates me-”

Louis tutted.  “He came out to me yesterday.”

Harry’s jaw dropped.  “Shit. Crap. Fuck.  I didn’t mean what I said.  I was just..mad, freaked out-”

Louis snorted.  “-and very homophobic.”

Harry sighed.  “See, I’m a total dick.” He held his face in his hands.

Louis’ face softened.  “Yeah, you are, but you’re obviously sorry for what you did and you didn’t mean it…”

“No.” He shook his head.  “I know what it’s like, when people say things about you.  I fucked up.”

“Hey, I shouldn’t have pranked you when I knew you’d wake up with a pretty bad hangover.”

Harry shook his head again.  “No..I mean like, I think I’m…I’m gay.  Well I know…I guess.”

Louis smirked and pinched his arm causing him to jump back.  “No shit Sherlock.  The way you were all over Niall at the night club.”

Harry groaned then decided to change the subject.  “You have a nice ass.”

Louis choked, his face reddening.  “Erm..why thank you my young gay companion.”

Harry chuckled.

“You know, if I was gay too, I’d have a huge crush on you.” It was a half serious joke that wiped the smile of the younger boy’s face.  His eyes widened and he slammed his fist on the table.


He met Louis’ gaze. “Niall..he loves me-”

Louis raised his hands in exasperation.  “Good Lord, are you late with everything.

Harry stood up.  “I have to find him.”

“He’s the reason you figured out you’re gay init.  You love Leprechaun.”  Louis grinned.

“No.” he spoke on impulse, then hesitated.  “Okay fine..maybe.” he left the room, leaving Louis laughing behind him.

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