Sticks and Stones

A Narry Fanfiction.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

After what Harry assumes to be a bad perfomance, he realises that words can hurt. He makes a promise to never hurt someone else with his own words but he breaks this promise and instantly regrets it. He hurts the one he loves and prays that he'll be forgiven but is all hope lost?

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11. Chapter Ten

ouis ran his hands through his hair.  One day left and he still had no clue what to pack.  He surveyed his room, pacing left and right.  What to wear?  What to wear?  In the end he gave up and just grabbed random clothes, stuffing them into his suitcase.


In the room next door, Harry was sat in the middle of his bed, legs tucked into his chest, head resting on his knees, staring straight ahead.  At the foot of the bed was a closed black suitcase, filled with folded clothes and other essentials.  He’d had no trouble in packing and had only taken a few minutes to do so the day before.  He sat as still as a statue.  Lost in a dream or just closing himself off from the rest of the world.  Who knew?


Louis sat on his suitcase and forced the zipper, swearing profusely at it.  He was annoyed and jealous that Harry had done this without difficulty.  Why was he always so organised?  Usually, the younger boy would help him fold his clothes and pack them, though Louis would repack them again afterwards, but now he wished Harry would.  He realised now how much he had taken the younger for granted and he wished he had appreciated him more.


Niall and Zayn were sat on the floor of Niall's room, trying to figure out what they needed and what they didn’t.  They made a long list ranging from sunscreen to books.  A lot of things were crossed out after a debate on whether they were actually important or not.  In the end, they had come up with twenty important things and they decided to pack those first then use the remaining space for things they wanted.  The idea was quite effective and after they’d finished up, Zayn questioned what Louis would be up to.  He purposely chose not to mention Harry but the other boy tensed nevertheless and Zayn thought it best to change the subject.


Liam had packed as soon as he’d got home after the meeting so now he was bored and unsure of what to do.  He removed his phone from his pocket, disputing whether to call Louis or not.  He was desperate and had noone to talk to.  The loner he was, having to run to Louis.  He chuckled to himself.


Louis thrust the door open and hurled himself at Liam, wrapping his legs around his waist.  The younger boy was stunned as the breath was knocked out of him. 

“Woah, chill.” He uttered between giggles when the other boy had let go of him and put his feet back on the ground.

Louis shook his head.  “I can’t chill!”  He yanked Liam’s arm and dragged him inside, kicking the door shut with his foot.  “You just don’t understand.” He raged. half leading half tugging him towards his room.

Liam frowned, concern washing over his features.  “What’s up?”

The older boy pointed at his suitcase as if it was an ugly creature.  “That thing.”

Liam folded his arms and rolled his eyes.  “What about it, Lou.”

He pouted.  “I don’t know if I have all the right things and Harry won’t help me like he usually does so I was wondering if someone else could help me.”

Liam’s gaze shifted from the exploding suitcase to Louis and back.  “It looks packed already.” He grin was almost mocking.

Louis batted his eyelashes and ruffled Liam’s perfect hair, giggling when the boy flitted his hand away.

“Oh my gosh, do you know how long it took me to do my hair?  You’ve bloody messed it up.”

Louis grinned mischievously.  “Well, you just have to do it again.  You’re becoming more like Zayn.  Oh no, my hair is wrong. Oh no my make up is smudged.”

Liam nudged him, a smile tugging at his lips.  He knelt down by Louis’ suitcase and tugged the zipper.  Clothes flung across the room and his brow knitted.  “Seriously, Louis? Seriously?”

The older boy cackled behind him.

Liam sighed.  “Right, let’s sort this out then.”


Harry heard Liam and Louis in the next room, or maybe he didn’t.  Maybe he just didn’t care.  Maybe he was thinking deeply, maybe he wasn’t thinking at all or maybe, there was one person revolving around his mind, someone capable of capturing his full attention. 

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