Sticks and Stones

A Narry Fanfiction.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

After what Harry assumes to be a bad perfomance, he realises that words can hurt. He makes a promise to never hurt someone else with his own words but he breaks this promise and instantly regrets it. He hurts the one he loves and prays that he'll be forgiven but is all hope lost?

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5. Chapter Four


“Have you seen Niall?” Harry opened the door to the gym.

Liam lowered his weights.  “No, sorry.” He reached down to pick them up again then paused, sitting up.  “Is this about –“

Harry nodded.  “Yeah.”

Liam smiled.


Liam was beaming now.  “Nothing, just… Niall, you’ll see.”

Harry frowned then shrugged, closing the door behind him.


He found Niall standing on the balcony, leant against the barrier.  His back was to Harry.  He walked over to the boy then stopped a few paces behind him.  He stood there for a long time, just watching Niall’s back, willing him to turn around.  After what seemed like an hour, Niall did turn around.

Harry expected him to be startled, but he wasn’t.  Harry was though, he jumped a little.

Niall’s nails dug into his palms.

Harry took a step towards him and Niall would’ve taken one back but there was nowhere to go, unless he wanted to topple to his death.  Instead he decided to be the first one to speak.  “You’ve been here for a while.” His voice was plain and emotionless.

Harry’s mouth opened and shut like a goldfish.

A smile tugged at Niall’s lips as he watched Harry’s facial expression change from shock to confusion.  The younger boy tousled his hair then flipped his curls out of his eyes.  It seemed like a simple act to him but it caused a chill to go down Niall’s spine as he blushed crimson and bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” He said, oblivious to the effect he had on the Irish boy.

Niall remembered why he despised Harry again.  He smirked in spite, eyes flashing with anger.  “You’re sorry?”

Harry took a step back, terrified.  He’d never seen this side of Niall before.  He was normally the happiest lad in the band.  Harry’s heart clenched.  It was his fault that Niall was like this, his bloody fault.

“You don’t understand.” Niall shook his head vigorously. “You don’t fucking understand.  I even told Louis not to tell you about the stupid dream-”

Harry let out a small gasp.  He whispered.  “It was true.”

Niall’s laugh made Harry’s skin crawl. “Yeah it was and I told Louis not to tell.  He decided to make it seem like a joke.”  His eyes flamed.

Harry’s head hung.  “I thought-”

Niall stabbed an accusing finger at his chest.  “You thought?  You don’t think. You just speak.” He laughed again.  “Or maybe you just think with your fucking dick.” He wasn’t shouting but the way he enunciated the words made it seem to Harry like he was.

He knew it wasn’t the best time to joke, but Harry couldn’t help himself.  “No, I think with my ass.”

Niall stiffened.  “You’re mocking me again aren’t you?  You-you asshole.  Even though I want to fucking kiss you right now, my hatred for you outweighs my love for you and I swear if I let myself I’ll fucking hurt you-“

Harry stuttered, blushing.  “I-I didn’t know you were-”

“Were what?” he went on, unfazed by his confession. “A faggot? Queer?  Yeah I guess that’s what I am and I’m so fucking ashamed.” He spat.

Harry frowned, reaching out to hold his hand and rubbing circles into his skin with his thumb.  “You don’t need to be.”

Niall’s heart skipped a beat but he wasn’t going to play easy.  He wrenched his hand from Harry’s grip.  “Well I am.” He whispered.  Tears spilled over and flooded down his face.  He pushed past the boy be loved.  The boy he knew didn’t love him back.  He was just trying to be sympathetic but it wasn’t helping because Niall knew he didn’t know how he was feeling, he didn’t know how it was like to love and hate someone so much it hurt.  He didn’t know how it was like to not be able to look at your four guy band mates in the same way.  It probably wasn’t a pleasant time to think about it but he sometimes stared at Louis’ ass…when he wasn’t gazing dreamily at Harry of course.  It wasn’t his fault; it was just so firm and feminine.

Just then, he passed Louis in the corridor and couldn’t help a quick glance as his rear.

Louis whirled around.  “I saw that.  Gosh, you and Harry can’t keep your beady eyes off my bum.”  He sported a playful grin

Niall frowned.  “Harry?”

He grinned wider.  “Yeah, my gay roommate.  Hey, rehearsals are resuming, have you seen him?”

Niall’s face was frozen, mouth agape.  Harry him?  His thoughts went back to that night at the night club.  No, Louis was probably messing around.  He snapped out of it and replied Louis.  “Erm yeah, I last saw him on the balcony.”

Niall followed Louis back the way he had come, sneaking glances at his yummy ass.

“Nialler, stop staring.”

Niall’s grin slipped the moment he saw Harry stood in the same position he had been when the Irish boy had left him.  His expression was unreadable and Niall wondered what was going through his mind.

Louis stood in front of Harry, slapping the younger boy out of his daze.

“For fuck’s sake Lou, stop hitting me!” He groaned, rubbing the same cheek Louis had slapped him on before.  He spotted Niall.

“Rehearsals soon.” Niall muttered, head hung.  He backtracked, heading for the rehearsal room.

When Niall was out of earshot, Louis raised his hand to slap Harry again.  He stopped Louis’ hand halfway this time.  “Bloody hell, Louis!”

Louis folded his arms.  “I’m guessing that didn’t go well huh?”

Harry stamped his foot and huffed.  “He told me he wanted to kiss me…and hurt me-”

“-and he keeps staring at my ass!” Louis moaned.

“Wow, we have a good taste in…”

 “-men, cause you both love each other.” Louis rolled his eyes.

Now it was Harry’s turn to hit him.  “The dream actually happened.  He actually dreamt of doing-”

Louis sniggered.  “So?  You think of doing things to him.”

Harry shrugged, defeated.  “I’m not even going to bother denying it anymore.”

Louis grinned smugly, knowing he’d won.


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