Sticks and Stones

A Narry Fanfiction.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

After what Harry assumes to be a bad perfomance, he realises that words can hurt. He makes a promise to never hurt someone else with his own words but he breaks this promise and instantly regrets it. He hurts the one he loves and prays that he'll be forgiven but is all hope lost?

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6. Chapter Five


“Vas Happenin’” Zayn stepped aside to let Niall enter his flat. The younger boy forced a smile as he sat down on the sofa. 

“I love and hate someone right now.” He spoke with spite.

Zayn sat beside him. “Harreh?  I noticed you throwing glares his way all through rehearsals then as soon as it was over you came straight home.  It must have been pretty bad then.”

Niall’s eyebrows rose.  “No one told you?”

Zayn shrugged.  “Nah, I’m not told much.”

Niall sighed.  “Well, a while ago I had this dream about him; probably ‘cause I think about him way too much.  Then last week I plucked up the courage to tell Louis.  On second thought though, I should have told you or Liam.”

“What kind of dream?”  When Niall didn’t reply, he comprehended.  “Oh, continue-”

“So then when we were hanging out at their flat, I wake up and hear Harry and Lou in the kitchen.  I think Liam was there too cause that’s how he knows, or they told him, I don’t know.  So Louis is being jokey and he tells Harry.  Harry didn’t think it was true, till I told him yesterday, but he reacts really badly anyways.  I know he had a really bad hangover but it really hurt nonetheless.  He said loads of mean stuff about me being weird and disgusting and he said I’m a faggot and a queer and all these other means words and he said…he said-”  At this point he broke down.

Zayn patted his back and waited patiently for him to continue.

“-then I must’ve made a noise or something cause someone said something then I sort of stormed out and slammed the door.”

Zayn smirked.  “Would’ve been funny if you broke it like I break them tables.”

Niall’s mouth tilted into a small smile.  “Yeah.” He wiped his eyes.

Zayn shook his head.  “Man, where was I?”

Niall’s smile widened, though his eyes were sorrowful.  “You were getting drunk on Louis’ secret alcohol stash when we came back from the club then you fell asleep on me.”

Zayn’s face showed signs of recollection. “Oh yeah.  I was in the living room then I fell off the sofa ‘cause I thought there was an earthquake.”

Niall’s gaze met his, they both grinned.

Zayn and him both said in unison “But it was you slamming the door.” Niall saying I instead of you.

They burst into fits of laughter.

“An earthquake?” Niall stuttered between laughs.

Zayn just shrugged.

When they calmed, Zayn glanced at him.  “He didn’t mean it.  I swear he’s gay himself ‘cause he’s in denial.  When drunk you act your thoughts..or something init.” He winked at Niall. “-and boy was he into you at the nightclub.”

Niall shrugged, his face flushing pink.  He remembered what Louis had said in the corridor.  But even if Harry was, it still didn’t make what he said right and it also didn’t mean he was interested in Niall.

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