Our Queen

I wrote this to coincide with the Queen's Diamond Jubille earlier this year. It's a summary of the Queen's life and reign but it's possible I might have missed out on some facts. Any critiques would be appreciated!


4. Jubilees

Silver Jubilee

In 1977, throughout the Commonwealth there were parties galore to celebrate the fact that Queen Elizabeth II’s accession the throne had been 25 years previously. There were large scale parades and any number of things to wave the Union Jack and rejoice the fact that they were British. The anniversary date itself was of particular importance in places such as churches, for they commemorated the Queen’s twenty-five year reign on February 6th 1977, whereas most of the nations celebrated the event around Her Majesty’s birthday in June. On 7th June, a Service of Thanksgiving was held, which was attended by U.S President at the time Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister at the time James Callaghan along with a number of other significant and influential guest. It was on this day that grand street parties were held (over 4000 were organised!) and the Queen pleased her subjects by making appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. On June 9th, the Queen made a Royal Progress trip along the Thames in a boat in a re-enactment of the kind of progresses Queen Elizabeth I would have participated in which was brought to a close as a fireworks display was watched by her and her subjects.

Golden Jubilee

To mark 50 years on the throne, the Queen saw this Jubilee as an opportunity to thank those who had been loyal and faithful to her throughout her half-century reign. The enjoyment was not as merry due to the deaths of the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret and her mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother prior to the celebrations, the funeral cortege of the Queen Mother occurred during the Golden Jubilee year which made the festivities less pleasurable than the ones that had occurred twenty-five years previously. There was a fete, aptly called Party at the Palace which recognised all the achievements of the pop world in the last 50 years which meant that, along with 12,000 guests, the Queen was serenaded with a rendition of God Save The Queen by Queen guitarist Brian May and a variety of Paul McCartney classics to mark her 50 years on the throne.

Diamond Jubilee

This year, the Queen will celebrate 60 years on the throne (!) and to commemorate this joyous occasion many events have been planned and organised so that our Diamond Queen will have the most pleasurable experience possible, along with her subjects in each Commonwealth nation over which she rules. Andrew Marr has televised his documentary The Diamond Queen, street parties have been organised and it seems as if the United Kingdom is a frenzy of hysterical royalists. Quite right too; the Queen has served this nation well and in return we must celebrate her Diamond Jubilee as we have celebrated every other milestone that has arisen during her reign- with pomp, pageantry, patriotism and pride. Most of all, pride.

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