Forever And Always

A love story.........


7. Up Two Speed

Lou's Pov.

"Okay, I already caught Zayn, Perrie, Harry, Kayleigh, Liam, and Dani, up to speed," I said explaining to Niall and Wisha, "Now I just got to get you two up to speed as well," "Up to speed for what Louis? Kayleigh and Niall asked kinda at the same time. "It's about Cheye-," "WHAT!? Is Everything Okay, Is She Okay? Where is sh-," Niall said cutting me off. I know they're close but good god. In order to get him to stop screaming, I had to cut him off."She's fine Niall, good god man, calm down." I said kinda almost in a scream. "Now, The reason I what to bring you up to speed about Cheyenne, is I wanna ask her something, something very important." I pause for a second or two, "But every time I get something ready or something planned, it gets all messed up," "Ah, I see." Niall said with a wink and a smirk. "Yeah," I said rubbing the back of my neck, "I guess what I'm trying to say is, I need your help," I paused again, "All of you," I said looking at them all. "Okay Lou Lou," Niall said with another big smirk, "When is this all going on?" I paused again and then said, "On her birthday?" I said in a kinda of asking voice. "Okay, Louie, we're in!" Wisha said kinda of excited. And I did a sigh of relief."It's about time!" All of them shouted at the same time, like they've been planning it for a while. Yes! I'm finally gonna ask my girl to marry me!

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