Forever And Always

A love story.........



Louis's Pov.

"SURPRISE!!!" we all shouted out when Cheyenne turned on the light. "Ahhh!!" She screamed. I rushed over to her, and calmed her down. "Lou, you know I hate surprises!" She was right I know she hates surprises but I couldn't help it. "I know but I wanted today to be special," i told her before I kissed her. "Present Time!" Harry yelled, "What!? No You Guys Didn't Have To!" Cheyenne said a little sad. "Me First!" screamed Niall. "Here you go for the best 'sister' in the world." He while putting air quotes around sister. "Oh thanks Ni Ni! I love it!" She said holding up a T-shirt with 'Sista From Anotha Motha' on it. "And Look," Niall shouted while taking off his hoodie and pointing to his T-shirt. It read 'Brotha From Anotha Motha' on it. Chey ran and gave Niall a big hug. After she opened all the presents. Harry got her a 1D iPod case for her iPod; Kayleigh got her a book titled 'Tantalize', Zayn got her a bracelet that said 'Best' he had the friend one on his rear view mirror in his car. Wisha got her a snuggie with everyone's name on it; Liam got her the new iPhone 5 with a 1D case on it; Dani got her a makeup kit and knitted leg warmers; and Perrie got her a T-shirt with her favorite band that read: 'I Love Nickelback' on it. But on the back of it, it read: 'But One Direction Is Better' "Cake Time!!" screamed a very hungry Niall. It was her favorite, red velvet cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. After that I pulled her off to the side, by I side I meant up to our bedroom.

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