Forever And Always

A love story.........


2. Meant To Be

Cheyenne's Pov.

There was a knock on my door. "shot,shot,shot!" I said as I hurried up and grabbed my favorite black flats, and small silver purse. As I got closer to the door to answer it, the more the butterflies in my stomach grew. Because I knew exactly who was at the other side of the door. This was like our tenth date, and I'm still having butterflies. "Just a sec," I shouted at the door, I stopped and admired my makeup and my outfit, and fluffed my hair one last time before opening the door. "Hey love," Louis said before leaning in for a kiss. "Hey babe," I managed to say before Lou pulled me in for a kiss. When he pulled away, "I gotcha a little something," Louis said, "Oh Lou, you don't.." before I could finish, he pulled out from behind his back, the most beautiful/huge red rose I've ever seen. "Lou," I stammered, "I-It's beautiful." He grabbed me by the waist and led me to his car. I went to open the door,when Louis pulled my hand away, "Let me," before I could say anything, he had already opened the door and picked me up bridal style and placed me safely in the passenger seat.Then kissed me on the cheek, and lightly shut the door. Louis, being the goofball that he is, slides across the hood like dukes of hazard. I couldn't help but giggle to myself. "Ready babe," Louis said as he was getting in the car. "Yes babe." I replied back to him was a big smile. when we got to our destination, Lou got out and walked around the car and opened my door. When we were out of the car, Lou put his be arms around me, "Ah ha, you've being working out." I said with a wink, as I felt his biceps. "I-I work out!" Lou said singing to the tune of I'm Sexy And I Know It, by LMFAO. He pulled away and took hold my hand and led me into the Cinema. "Two tickets for Breaking Dawn Part 2 please," Louis said to the lady at the counter. "Would you like popcorn, soda, candy, etc." the lady behind the counter asked us, "Two medium cups of cherry slurpy, two boxes of sour patch kids for the lady, and one HUGE bucket of popcorn." Lou said. "Okay, will that be all?" asked the lady, "Oh almost for got make the popcorn with extra butter please, thank you." Lou replied back to her. "Okay here you two are, enjoy the movie." "thanks," me and Lou answered back. (skip to the end of the movie) "Hey, Chey Chey," Lou's nickname, "Yeah Lou?" "how about we go back to my flat?" I didn't really hesitate, "Sure Lou."

Louis's Pov

"Hey Chey Chey," my little nickname for Cheyenne, That she hates but says it's cute when I say it,"Yeah Lou?" she asked so innocently, "How about we go back to my flat?" She didn't even hesitate, "Sure Lou." she said it with a hint of excitement in her voice. When we got back to my flat, "Lou," Cheyenne said quietly, "Yeah Carrot Queen," I have a few nicknames for my girl. "Can I stay here tonight," she paused for a moment, "With you?" with out hesitating, "Of course babe!"

(I'm sorry this chapter is so short, but I got to go get ready for my karate class tonight, I'll try to update when ever I can please comment what you think about the first two chapters, if they'll good, I'll write a sequel or two. Thanks!)

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