Forever And Always

A love story.........


8. Forever And Always

Cheyenne's Pov.

I got home and it was completely quiet. Last Semester I moved in with Louis. It's been a year now. We are the only ones in the group who aren't engaged. I keep hoping Lou will ask me, I'm starting to get a little upset. When I got home I put The food that I got at the market on the island in the kitchen. I shouted out "Hello?" nothing this is getting very weird. I noticed that the only light on is the kitchen which I'm in right now. So I just turn off the light and made my way to the hallway and then the stairs to go upstairs, to change out of my uniform. I make my way to Louis and My room. I love calling it that. I got in the room, turned on the light and made my way to the closet. I picked out a pair of black comfy broken-in denim jeans and threw on one of Lou's big T-shirts, then since it was kinda cold in the flat, I took one of his big sweatshirts, and threw it on. I took off the stupid hand band I gotta wear when I'm working. I took my hair out of the tight bun I had it in. I let my hair just flow down my shoulders. Then I took off my makeup, and jewlery. And slipped on Louis's slippers because I couldn't find mine. Then I went back down stairs, and just I did, I noticed something on the bed. I looked and it was a card from Lou, it read: 'Happy Birthday Love!''Forever And Always, Louis'. I almost forgot it was my birthday today! 'P.S. open the box' There was a long small box like one a bracelet is in. I opened it, and I saw the most beautiful bracelet ever! It had little charms and letters dangling from it. there were three capital letters, F.A.A. I knew that stood for Forever And Always. I put it on right away. Oh Louis, I hope you come home soon. So after I put on the bracelet I went back downstairs.I went to turn to go in the study, that had a huge fireplace, and ceiling to floor book selves that went around the room, and around the fireplace were some chairs and a very comfy sofa. Anyway as I turned to make my way to the study, when I heard muffled giggling in the tv room. so I made my way to the room, when I was there it stop. So I turned on the light and "SURPRISE!!!"  

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