Forever And Always

A love story.........


4. Breakfast At Louie's

Chey's Pov.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. "My favorite!" I said to myself but kinda loudly. I stretched and lazily hopped outta bed. I went to step out of the room, when I heard a very familiar voices. The first one was very soft and very British, I thought, Louis. The second voice was Irish voice, who do I know, that is Irish? "Niall!" I screamed a little bit. I went to run down the stairs, and noticed I was only wearing a sheet. So I went back in Lou's room, and got dressed. I did my teeth, and hair, and put a little bit of makeup on. Then I walk out of the room, And ran quietly down the stairs. Lou's back was turned to the door and Niall was facing the door to the kitchen. I quietly walked in the kitchen, and motioned to Niall to be quiet. Then when i was right behind him I jumped on Louis's back. "Argh!" Then Niall and I started busting out laughing. Over the time I've been with Louis, all four of the boys have became like brothers to me. But Niall and I were Really like brother and sister. We fought like brother and sister, even joked like brother and sister. "What's up sista from anotha motha?" Niall said in between laughs, "Nothin' brotha from anotha motha." I replied back also between laughs. "That wasn't funny." Lou said while pretending to be upset, but I knew what he was doing. So I decided t play along. "I'm sorry Louie, I just was have some fun." I said also pretended to be upset, "Yeah Lou Lou we were just playing," Niall said also pretending to be upset. Then we all started laughing. Then Lou grabbed me by the waist and gave me a big passionate kiss. It lasted a good three min. "Ekk, get a room!" Niall said jokingly. We pulled away long enough to eat. Me, having an appetite like Niall I was finished first. Niall was done not long after, then Louis finally was done. Then Niall hung out with us for the remainder of the day. At least until my friend Wisha called, But it wasn't my phone she called, it was Niall's. But why wouldn't she, he is her boyfriend after all and I take all the credit. I introduced them. I also take the credit of also introducing Kayleigh to Harry; Perrie to Zayn; and Dani to Liam. Yeah I'm a match maker. "K, Bye love." Niall said to Wisha before hanging up. "What did Wisha want Ni?" I asked using one of his nicknames I gave him. "Oh nothing she was just saying hi," he said in response to my question, "Okay." I replied to his answer. "Oh and she wants to know how things went last night between you two 'Love Birds'." he said making air quotes around love birds. Louis and i looked at each other and just went bright red. 

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