Forever And Always

A love story.........


3. At The Flat

Cheyenne's Pov.

"Lou," I said quietly, "Yeah Carrot Queen," Lou replied using one of his many nicknames for me, "Can I stay here tonight," I pause for a moment, "With you?" Without hesitating he said, "Of course babe!" With that I gave him a little kiss on the cheek. And I turned to go into his flat, when Louis grabbed my wrist. "Where do you think your going?" I looked at him confused, and a little hurt, but then I saw his famous like smirk on his face. I then smiled at him and said, "Nowhere Carrot King," Louis hates when I call him that, but it's funny his face turns into a little tomato. I giggled to myself. Then I turn to go into his flat again. "Uh Huh, don't think so," Lou said with a little giggle in his voice. "You're coming with me." Before I could say anything Lou scooped me up bridal style, and walked through the door. I expected him to put me down in the hallway, but he didn't he carried me all the way up the stairs, to his room. When we got to the door he still had me in his arms. He lightly kicked the door opened and led me to his bed. he lay me down on the bed. he stepped back and took off his shirt. He then walked forward to me, and went to take of my shirt, but before he didn't, "Are you sure?" he asks me that every time.I nodded, he then started to unbutton my shirt, and kiss me at the same time. I then tugged at his pants, And he took them off so all he had on was his Calvin Klein boxers. then he took my pants so all i was wearing was my black bra and matching underwear. we then got under the covers, and already know the rest.

Lou's Pov.

We had just made love. I just made love with my one true love. And now she was laying quietly sleeping beside me. We've made love before but this time it was different. It's seemed more loving. This time it felt like we we're the only ones on earth. I just knew I had to marry Cheyenne. Some time soon. I was going to wake her up, but she was so peaceful. The way she wiggled her perfect little nose, like a rabbit made me giggle. I pulled a strayed of dark brown hair behind her eye. I wanted to kiss her I really did. But I knew if I did that she'd wake up. So, instead I decided to make my girl breakfast. So I quietly creep out of bed and down the stairs. Into the kitchen, I walked over to the fridge and grabbed some eggs, milk, carrots; and some oj. I walked over to the pantry and grabbed some pancake mix. I started cooking, and with in two minutes I already had made enough to feed an army, or for that matter Niall. When I put the last pancake on the stack. There was a knock on my door. I hurried and quietly ran upstairs and threw on a pair of boxers and jeans. I then ran, quietly, back down the stairs. and answered the door. "Hey Louis!" speak of the devil, there standing right in front of me was a kinda tall guy with sandy hair blonde/brown. A pair of baggy faded denim jeans with a black T with white letters on it. Which spelled out Bon Jovi. and a American Eagle hoodie. "Niall, what are you doing here?" "Oh just thought I come over," he replied with a big smile. "Okay then come on in," I said, "But please be quiet, Cheyenne's upstairs sleeping." Niall replied with a smiled and a nod. "I made some breakfast," "If your hungry." Which I knew was a very dumb question. 

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