Take Me Home

louis becomes charlotte's boyfriend but the fight and brake up then charlotte becomes in love with someone else and has a baby with louis but charlotte is with the other boy at the time she has the baby.......


3. The girl's meet the boy's

Charlotte and Louis eventchly got round to disscusing about friends meeting eachother. Charlotte came up with a plan where Louis and the rest of the band meet Charlotte and her closest friends. It all started by Charlotte getting bullied at her high school in six form. One day Charlotte came home crying her eyes out and that night Louis was seeing Charlotte. Charlotte's mobile started to ring, it was Louis. Charlotte picked up

"hi charlotte babe its louis"

"hi" Charlotte birst into more tears

"hey babe whats wrong"


"i am comming over"


Louis hurried round. He banged on the door, no one answered so he bashed down the door. He ran to charlotte he got to charlotte's room and saw charlotte crying. Louis cradled charlotte in his arms till she had calmed down. Fineiley Charlotte had calmed down

"now tell me whats wrong"


"come on tell me"

"i am being bullied at school"


"because my hole class have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and they think i dont"

"well tomorrow i'll come to school with u"

"will harry and naill, zayn and liam be there to"

"yes if u want"


It became the next day louis and of corse the rest of the band went to charlotte's school with her. They got into class and all the girls were gathering around the boys.

"evryone sit down" Louis shouted, then the boy's interdused them selfs. First was Liam and then it was harry and naill and last was zayn and louis. As the day went by the boys got seperated. It came to the end of the day and charlotte's friends Molly, Abi,Jenny and sophie came to the house for a sleep over and the boy's were there too.

When charlotte's friends arrived they saw the boy's got inbarresed, the boy's ran upstairs.

"who are they" Molly asked

"wait you will see" charlotte said " Harry, Naill , Louis, Zayn and Liam come down and say hi"

"ok we r coming" they all shouted.

"is that......one direction" Jenny and abi said to charlotte

"yes it is"

"ahhhh OMG"

When they got down stairs the said hi and interdused there self.

"evryone this is my boyfriend, Louis" Louis walks to charlotte and put his arm round her. After a bit of interdusing the boy's and the girls did there own thing. Charlotte was with Louis chating and making out, Zayn was flirting with Molly alot and Liam was chating to Abi, and Naill was....making out with Jenny, and Harry was kissing sophie.

So Harry is Sophie's boyfriend and Louis isCharlotte's, Naill is Jenny's, Abi is with Liam and Molly is with Zayn.



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