Take Me Home

louis becomes charlotte's boyfriend but the fight and brake up then charlotte becomes in love with someone else and has a baby with louis but charlotte is with the other boy at the time she has the baby.......


4. Charistmas month

As Christmas was coming Charlotte had a big suprise party for Louis as his birthday was soon. Charlotte had moved in with Louis after she had been going out with him. Charlotte started writing letters to some people.

Dear Zayn + Molly,

                             as Louis is becoming 21 soon i would like u to come to the suprise party i have planed. Plwase bring some nice presents and the party shall be fun. Its on the 24th on December at my house 12am.

        Please come

                               From Charlotte xxx


Charlotte  wrote this for evry letter she did. She invited Zayn and Molly, Harry and Sophie, Naill and Jenny and Liam and Abi and of course Louis and herself. Louis didn't know about the party or anything that was going on.

Days have gone by and Louis still dosen't know what was going to happen.

It was the 23rd and evryone was getting ready for the party and for Charistmas. Charlotte called all her friends to come over for a fue days and celibrate christmas with us.

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