Take Me Home

louis becomes charlotte's boyfriend but the fight and brake up then charlotte becomes in love with someone else and has a baby with louis but charlotte is with the other boy at the time she has the baby.......


2. Becoming Louis girlfriend

Louis P.O.V

After we had met in the hotel we started hanging out with eachother. Days went by and we were only hanging out, we were at the mall at that time trying to shop. I went and brought charlotte a dress and charlotte brought me a stripy top i loved it and i think charlotte loved her's. We were shopping and charlotte started to get hungry so we went to the near by cafe. I told charlotte to sit some where and i would get her something to eat. Charlotte sat by the water fountain and i was getting food, then i shouted to charlotte what do u want and then she said back anything so i got her a sandwhich which she liked. When i was next to charlotte i looked at her and put her hair behind her ear we both became closer to eachother and we......kissed. After that charlotte bit her lip and at the same time put her hair behind her ear just like i did. We moved closer again and kissed again then which which came into snogging. When we had stopped i said:


"yes louis i do...i do want to go out with u"

"yes thank you i thought u would never want to"

"i always have dreamed of it louis.....but.."

"but what baby but what.."

"well....my class and other people might....bully me"


"because i am going out with u and not harry or naill"

"oh...ok lets still go out i loved u since u first saw me"


After that we went home. For the past days we had told no one that we were going out we both wanted to keep it for a while till we were happy that charlotte was ok tell her closest friends. We were seeing eachother after school evry day. We texted eachother and cept in touch when we couldn't see eachother.




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