Take Me Home

louis becomes charlotte's boyfriend but the fight and brake up then charlotte becomes in love with someone else and has a baby with louis but charlotte is with the other boy at the time she has the baby.......


1. Meeting Louis in a hotel

Charlotte's P.O.V

Well, I was running in my hotel up and the long hallway and I tripped and fell. I birst into tears because i was in pain. I saw some one running down the hall i was still crying. then the person came over and asked me if i was ok but all i did was cry. The boy held me in his arms and calmed me down. Then i asked him who was he and he said Louis, Louis Tomlinson. Then i said from one direction, yes he said. He stood me up and took me to his room and sat me on his bed. He asked me what was my name and i replyed Charlotte. I went to sleep on his bed and then after a bit woke up. Louis walked in and sat next to me on the bed, tucked my hair behind my ear then softly said are u ok, i replyed yes then he kissed me on the head and went to get a snack.

Louis's P.O.V

I was my room then I suddenly heard a cry so i ran out my room and down the hallway then i saw a girl crying on the floor, i went over and asked her if she was ok but all she did was cry. Then i held the girl in my arms and calmed her down.Then she asked me who i was i said louis tomlinson, then she said from one direction, yes i replyed to her. I stood her up and took her to my room, then i sat her on my bed. She fell asleep on my bed for a bit then she woke up and i sat next to her on the bed and asked if she was ok, she replyed yes so i kissed her on the head and went to get a snack.


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