I'll help

another random thing to help me think!
Its supposed to be about somebody questionniing abully, but its different to those other ones you get because this person wants to know so she/ he can help the bully....


1. I'll help

Why do you feel the need,

to comment on what I do/

When you saw me with family

and laughed at them too.


What makes you want to mock,

at each tiny little thing,

If I talk a little different,

or simply how I sing?


How come you judge me,

by clothes, money and more.

Resulting in hurt feelings,

you so casually have tore.


Why do you do these things,

when your not perfect either?

Kindness, love and mercy,

yet you posses neither.


I only ask because

we all need help you see.

If you get it nowhere else,

you will get it here with me.


If you need any help,

no matter what our past,

lets work through it together,

building friendships that will last!


And even if they don't

if ever you are hurt,

remember this my friend...

I'll help, and that's a cert'  

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