Summer love

Back in 2009 Ella had a summer romance with a young boy called Harry whilst they where in France with their families. It was the best summer of her life. Since then she has tried to get on with her life as she has known that she had never had another chance with Harry since he became big and famous in the band one direction.
But when theres a new song on 1d's album 'Take me home' all about Ella and Harry's summer romance and he gets in touch with her over Facebook she is thrilled and goes to live with him in London! But when one of his fit friends also falls for her who will she choose? Her summer love that shouldn't have ever been, Or the boy she had always dreamed of? Where there is love, chaos and Sorrow along the way, nothing is certain...

This story is for 12+


7. The morning after the night before


I woke up with a banging headache. I was in a single bed in a room I didn't recognise, the walls where pastel green and there was a small, white chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The bed covers where pastel blue with a daisy print- I figured out that this wasn't a boy's bed room. I started to made my way downstairs, I could smell bacon frying in the kitchen and hear to make you feel my love by Adele on full blast. I walked into the kitchen and saw Harry and get again memories of the night before came rushing back into my head, but today i wasn't angry with Harry- he was forgiven. Harry had his back to me but I could see he wasn't looking his best either. He turned around and greeted me with a cheesy smile, I smiled back, we both laughed. "Brown or red sauce?" he asked me. "Red sauce, please." Harry gave me my bacon butty and then say down next to me on the breakfast bar. "What you did for me last night was so sweet," I said, "but why didn't you take advantage of me? I was drunk and vunerable you could have done anything."

"I love you," Harry replied, "and I don't want to make a mess of this relationship. I've lost you once and I don't want to loose you again."

I smiled and said, "I love you too." Me both leant in for a kiss but just at that moment the door bell rang and ruined our perfect moment.


I walked towards the door so happy- Ella said she loved me whilst she was completely sober, I was forgiven! I answer the door and immediately Niall burst in through the door, "alright Hazza?" he asked bright and cheery. Tell you what, that boy could get drunk every night and his mood would never be affected. Next in walked Zayn and Liam just acting normal, but I wasn't surprised- as far as I was aware them two stayed in eating takeaway pizza, playing FIFA and staying completely sober. Next in walked Louis; he looked worse off out of all of us but to be honest I wasn't surprised. He really let himself go last night, in fact is be surprised if he could actually remember last night at all.

We all sat down in the living room and as the boys went to turn on the Xbox, Ella walked into the room. She was wearing an old top and some shorts of Gemma's but somehow she made them look like they where made just for her. The boys all sat open mouthed except for Louis who had fallen asleep in the corner. "I made you a cup of coffee," She said handing me my mug, "does anyone else want a coffee?" Zayn and Niall both put they're hands up like we used to do back in school. Ella giggled and went into the kitchen to make the coffee. "She hasn't slapped you across the face yet?" Niall asked gobsmaked

"Not yet," I replied, "I think she has forgiven me after my little show last night."

"What happened last night," Louis asked still half-asleep

"Well," Niall started, "Harry sang little things infront of the whole club to Ella, but thats not what you need to be worried about, you ran around London on a rampage asking people if they had your carrots!"

"I wondered where all them carrots by the side of my bed came from." Louis grunted


I walked into the living room and handed Zayn and Niall their cups of coffee. I sat down next to Harry and kissed him. All the boys where in a state of shock, they all get winded up way too easily. "So do you like one direction songs?" Liam asked me

"Yes, especially the ones written by Ed Sheeran." I loved Ed Sheeran, he had always been my celebrity crush, I loved his ginger hair and I thought he had the voice of an angel. "Maybe, if you wanted too, I could arrange for you to meet Ed Sheeran one day." Harry said, I just nodded in excitement. "So are you two a couple now?" Zayn asked Harry and I, I could tell Harry wanted to say yes but he still looked up to me for reassurance, "Yes," I said and a wide smile spread across Harry's face, "I suppose we are." ______________________________________________________________________________

So, Ella and Harry are now a couple! But how will Ella cope when the puplic finds out? Will Ella crack under the pressure? Or will she be able to ignore all the hate messages? -Jess xxx

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