Summer love

Back in 2009 Ella had a summer romance with a young boy called Harry whilst they where in France with their families. It was the best summer of her life. Since then she has tried to get on with her life as she has known that she had never had another chance with Harry since he became big and famous in the band one direction.
But when theres a new song on 1d's album 'Take me home' all about Ella and Harry's summer romance and he gets in touch with her over Facebook she is thrilled and goes to live with him in London! But when one of his fit friends also falls for her who will she choose? Her summer love that shouldn't have ever been, Or the boy she had always dreamed of? Where there is love, chaos and Sorrow along the way, nothing is certain...

This story is for 12+


17. Mummy!


I was so excited for May as we walked into the shopping centre hand in hand. She looked almost happier than I'd ever seen her before but not quite as happy as when we won battle of the bands for the 3rd year in a row 2 years ago. The first shop of our choice was top shop and we walked in only to find some paparazzi that had been following us. I was about to leave the shop when I turned around and saw a little girl standing there. She couldn't have been any older than 5 or 6 and had tears streaming down her face. She was tugging at my sleeve, "please help me," she said through whimpers, "I've lost my Mummy." I was about to answer but May got in there first,

"Well why don't you come with us and we'll help you find her." The little girl nodded and then May picked her up. Ah, it was so cute, May was amazing with little kids, and was going to be a great mum some day.

After asking the little girl a series of questions we discovered that her name was Rosie, she was 4 and that her mum had long brown hair like mine. Rosie and May sat down at a table in the food court whilst I went to try and find Rosie' Mum. I'd been searching for about 10 minutes when in the distance I saw a young woman running around and running up to random people. She had long brown hair and she was crying. I ran up to her. She was very flustered, "Have you seen my little girl?" She asked me. I took her hand reassuringly and she followed me towards the food courts. "Rosie?"

"Mummy!" Rosie shouted as her young mother embraced her in her arms.

"Thank you so much," Rosie's mum said to me, "Your really nice, I'll make sure that all my friends know how much of an amazing person that you are." I smiled at her and she walked away hand in hand with Rosie with a smile on her face stretching from ear to ear.

I sat down next to May, she'd gotten us both a big-mac from McDonald's and I started to eat. "That mother can't have been any older than about 24" I said just after I had swallowed a bite of the burger. May just sighed. "Are you ok." I asked her. She nodded but I knew she was lying. After an awkward minute of silence and chewing May made an confession, "We didn't use any protection last night." I was shocked. That's why May had been so down- she'd seen Rosie and her mum and realised that she could be just like them. We weren't dissing young mothers but ever since we were in year 7 May had always said how she wanted to go and party until she was in her mid-twenties so getting pregnant at 19 would not be ideal. "You're probably not pregnant," I said, "it's very unlikely" and yet again May just nodded, "I hope not."

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