Summer love

Back in 2009 Ella had a summer romance with a young boy called Harry whilst they where in France with their families. It was the best summer of her life. Since then she has tried to get on with her life as she has known that she had never had another chance with Harry since he became big and famous in the band one direction.
But when theres a new song on 1d's album 'Take me home' all about Ella and Harry's summer romance and he gets in touch with her over Facebook she is thrilled and goes to live with him in London! But when one of his fit friends also falls for her who will she choose? Her summer love that shouldn't have ever been, Or the boy she had always dreamed of? Where there is love, chaos and Sorrow along the way, nothing is certain...

This story is for 12+


22. Loved up part 1


The doorbell rang and as I opened the door, I saw Ella standing outside in the cold. I could immediately tell something was wrong- she didn't seem her normal happy self at all even though she was smiling but it wasn't a real smile, when she smiled a real smile she almost smiled with her eyes too, they lit up and her whole face just looked absolutely stunning but now she was just showing her teeth, she was happy, infact she was upset and I was going to get to the bottom of why.

"Hey, come inside," I said as she stepped out of the cold and took her shoes off, "I've ordered us a pepperoni pizza, I knew it was your favourite,"

She smiled at me, "Thanks," she said with her fake smile plastered across her face yet again. We sat down on my sofa in the living room and I immediately decided to cut to the chase,

"what's up?" I asked

"Nothing," Ella replied still looking down.

"But you look sad," I said determined to get an answer from her. But she told me she was fine and just tired, another answer I didn't believe. I gave her a face that said 'really?' and she finally gave in.

"I caught Taylor kissing Harry," she blurted out with tears starting to blur up her vision. I was gobsmacked,

"Taylor as in Taylor Swift?" I asked and Ella nodded.

"Well Harry was trying to pull away," she continued, "but it still doesn't change the fact that they where kissing." This was a moment where nothing I could say would change anything so I just gave my friend, who was now crying a river, a massive bear hug. I couldn't stand to see her like this, if Harry broke her heart I was going to kill him!

After about an hour I had managed to cheer Ella up. We where sitting on the sofa eating pepperoni pizza having a nice long chat.

"I'm going to get you a girlfriend one day," she told me with her mouth full of pizza. She knew it was rude but we had got to the point of friendship where we could do almost anything around each other and still feel comfortable.


After being at Niall's for over 6 hours and watching finding Nemo, I was finally convinced by Niall to go back home to Harry and try and make back up with him. Niall drove me home and as I walked up to the door he gave me his good luck wishes.

"If you ever need to come around to mine again," he said smiling, "the door is always open."

"Thank you so much," I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek just before I stepped inside of the house. I waved to him whilst he drove away into the distance and then after that, I closed the front door and it was then that I realised that the house was unusually quiet. There was no TV on, no lights on, nothing. Maybe Harry had gone to bed. I walked upstairs and as I was about to open the door to our bedroom, I noticed something strange, Harry was talking to himself, or was he? I pressed my ear up to the door and listened in on the conversation,

"I love you so much," Harry said, "and soon we won't have to worry about Ella, it's you I want,"

"I love you too," a female American voice replied. I couldn't believe it. I collapsed to the floor and started to cry. I walked into the guest room so I could phone Niall without Harry and his lady friend hearing. The phone rang and finally Niall picked up, I took a sharp intake of breath.

"Seriously," Niall said, "just tell me straight away, what's up?"

"I'll tell you later, I know I'm awkward but can I come back to yours and stay there and couple of nights," I replied

"Of course," Niall answered, "I'll be around to pick you up in about 10 minutes."

"Thank you so much," I said with a sigh of relief.

"It's what best friends are here for," Niall said, "see you in a bit," and with that he hung up. I realised now for the first time now that all my overnight stuff was in my bedroom and Harry was in there. I got my tooth brush from the bathroom, stood outside for the bedroom door and marched into the bedroom, Harry leaped up.

"Ella, what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"I could ask your friend here the same thing," I replied with the anger building up inside of me.

"Look Ella, you shouldn't have just barged in, Taylor is naked,"

"What the fuck is the bitch doing naked in our bed in the first place?" I asked with tears streaming down my face.

"I can explain," Harry answered but I wasn't having any of it, I grabbed all of overnight things and swept out of the bedroom. As I opened the front door, I noticed Niall already parked outside of the house waiting for me. As I stomped down the drive, Harry chased after me in a house coat.

"Ella, please, wait," he called after me but I wasn't having any of it. I turned around and gave him an almighty slap across the face. I now also noticed that Taylor was standing at the front door in my house coat. I quickened my pace as the tears started to fall quicker. I got into Niall's car and he looked very concerned, he looked in the direction of the house and noticed Harry and Taylor,

"the nasty, horrible...."

"Niall he's not worth it," I interrupted but Niall wasn't listening. He stomped out of the car and punched Harry across the face. Taylor ran out of the house to see if Harry was ok as Niall strutted back to the car. I noticed that Harry's nose was bleeding but I had absolutely no sympathy for him what so ever.

"I want you to know that I'll always be here for you," Niall said, "no matter what," and with that he drove off leaving the loved up couple to be as loved up as they wanted to be.

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