Summer love

Back in 2009 Ella had a summer romance with a young boy called Harry whilst they where in France with their families. It was the best summer of her life. Since then she has tried to get on with her life as she has known that she had never had another chance with Harry since he became big and famous in the band one direction.
But when theres a new song on 1d's album 'Take me home' all about Ella and Harry's summer romance and he gets in touch with her over Facebook she is thrilled and goes to live with him in London! But when one of his fit friends also falls for her who will she choose? Her summer love that shouldn't have ever been, Or the boy she had always dreamed of? Where there is love, chaos and Sorrow along the way, nothing is certain...

This story is for 12+


4. EllaSmith09


I kinda felt sorry for Harry. He was standing on the door step with the girls wedges in his hands, I'm not surprised he's is devistated- that girl was quite fit! With her long, wavy, auburn hair and bright blue eyes like sapphires! In fact if she hadnt ran off so quickly I might just have ran after her myself. Then again maybe not- that would have been way to harsh against Hazza; you shouldn't steal one of your best friends crushes should you?

The rest of the boys had already gone into Harry's living room and I could hear FIFA on. "Oh Hazza," I said as he turned around, "there's plenty more fish in the sea, this world is full of billions of people don't let one girl get you down."

"No you don't understand," he replied with a tear trickling down his cheek, "she was different, special, the only girl I ever properly loved."

"How do u know her," I asked hoping that he would say she was just a one night stand and he didn't know her so then I could try and find her and go out with her. "summer 2009," he said with a smile appearing on his lips, "in Paris, the best summer of my life."

"And her name?"

"Ella, Ella Smith." I had a brain wave, I searched Ella Smith on Facebook, quite a few options came up at first but then I narrowed it down to one person I thought it had to be, the profile picture looked like one of the 3 girls from this morning and the status was 'I hate Harry styles and if you hate me for this I don't care!' Well it was a start- at least she knows of Harry's exsistance.

After a few hours of searching, I walked into the living room to find the rest of the boys still playing FIFA, Harry still looked a bit upset but I think he'd got over the main grief of Ella leaving. I sat down next to Harry and handed Harry a piece of paper which had Ella's usernames for her facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr accounts, "Ella Smith 09" Harry said to himself before looking up at me with a smile plastered accross his face, I couldnt help but smile along with him. "You really did this, for me?" He asked me with new found hope in his eyes "Why not," I replied, "I can't stand to see one of my best friends upset." "Thank you so much Liam!" Harry said joyfully as he threw his arms around me. At that moment Louis saw us in the corner too and shoutouted out "GROUP HUG!" The next thing I knew I was suffocating at the bottom of a pile of 18-28 year old lads. Next thing that I heard was Louis shouting, "LET'S GO AND DO SOME STALKING!" Then the heap on top of me became much lighter as me and the rest of the boys sat around Harry's laptop ready to do some 'old summer love' stalking!

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