Living with Niall

Its been 2 months since Natalie has stayed with Niall. (Yes, Niall Horan, 1/5 of the One Derection boys.) He has feelings for her, and he has'nt told her. He plans to tell her now though. Will she agree? Read to find out.......


2. Planning

                               Natalie's P.O.V                      I got up in my sleep clothes, thinking, who cares it's Saturday! I opened the curtains and put on my glasses. Bulky Sqare "Nerd" kind (as Louis called them :) I decided to head to the kitchen before I got dressed. As I smelled breakfast. "Omelletes! Aww, Nialler you did'nt have to do that." He jumped, not knowing I was there. "Hey, Nat. Like chives?" he asked. "Yepparodi." I said that a lot.... "We should do something today," he said, passing me a plate. "Like what?" I said grabbing the juice. "Beach." He said. " Are you inviting the boys?" I asked. "Nah, they are propably alerady planning something." He responded. "Kay." I said, wishing Niall would ask me out on a date. I finished my omellette and got dressed in white shorts, green sun shirt, and my jeweld white wedge sandals. Today was going to be great. 

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