Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


4. Will you...

I locked my door and I didn't open it for a week. I ignored the texts, calls and emails from school and Ty. I lay there and cried, barely making it to the toilet to vomit. I pulled myself together and took a long, hot shower. The hot water washed away all of the pain I had suffered over my misery of a life. I blow dried my hair and threw on some jeans and a t shirt. I grabbed my keys and ran to the car. ~ I pulled in to the over crowded car park, teens leaning against brand new volvox and BMWs. I sighed as I shoved the door open. I picked up my bag and shoved my way through. Someone's hand locked around my shoulder. They pulled me around, I looked up and saw he was the one I hand threw on the floor in first period last week. His eyes were angry at the sight of me, his eye brows formed together in a deep frown. I gulped and looked down to the floor. "I think I deserve an apology for what you did to me last week. Ty told me what you did, I stick up for my friends. I don't think a sorry is enough." I looked to his face and I saw his fist raise and connect with my jaw. I heard the crack of the bone as I stumbled back. All of the heads turned towards us. Soon enough a thick ground gathered around us. I dumped my bag at the edge of the circle, I looked challengingly in to his eyes ignoring the crushing pain in my face. He looked behind him to his group of friends and I took my chance. I ran up to him and punched him harder in the jaw. I grabbed the locks on his head and pulled him back to me. I kneed him in the stomach and kicked him in the groin. He bent over in pain so I kicked him hard in the stomach and left him there. I picked up my bag and walked away.


As I sat in my study room, the headmaster came over the speakers. "Would miss Ely Spiers please come to my office immediately." I wiped the table of my books and headed down. I wasn't pretending what this wouldn't be about, this morning in the lot. I smiled at the memories of that wonderful moment, I liked it when. I stood up for myself. I knocked on the large wooden door and entered. I saw a smile plastered on his face. I sat in the seat, which he gestured to, I dropped my bag to the floor and waited for him to begin. "I believe you know what I am about to speak to you about. I mean the incident in the lot outside." "Yeah" I replied my head hung low. "Well a young mr Ty Dorien has spoken to me about your past so we have set you with a councillor to help you. You will miss fourth period today to see her very week at the same time. That will be all." I stood and left. I opened the door, spun on my heel and shut it. I bumped in to a big wall of meat, it was the bloke from this morning. I quickly turned my head to the floor and shuffled past him. He stopped me in the same way as before, at his touch my jaw screamed with pain. His fingers stroked the big bruise and dis figuration of my jaw. I backed on to the wall, he followed me though. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." He said, his hand stroking my hair. "Ely, yours?" "Tommy. I know this is weird but will you go out with me?" "Yes, but why?" "I want to hold your face in my hands. When I saw you last week I knew I felt something for you." He stopped there and placed his lips on mine, we moved in sync until I moved away. I winked at him and then left. What happened there?

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