Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


8. Trip

Ty's POV

The search for Ely had continued over the past several months. With no sign I was losing hope, they were looking only for her human form but what if she hadn't changed back? The slam of a text book in front of me made me come back to the biology lesson.

"Mr Dorien, what is the factor of the two wolves mating? What happens to them?" 

"Sorry miss, I don't know." I sighed and looked up.

"For the sake of him, I will repeat. The wolves are locked together as the do so to make sure they have completed it. As you all know there is a park up here that houses a pack of wolves. We will be going there tomorrow to see how they behave and how that compares to wolves in the wild." she handed us the slips and the bell sounded. I packed my things and left. Why did it have to be wolves?

*Next day* 

The rattle of the bus jolted me from my day dream and back in to the conversation with Tommy. I wasn't really interested but I was more focussed on Ely and what was happening to her. The jerk of the bus made the kids all exited and giddy. We jumped off the bus and walked up in to the forest. I froze when I heard the melodic howls radiate from deep within. I instantly increased my gait and met up with Tommy and his new girl since Ely had gone. He was never truly happy with her, you could see it, but she was just his comforter as he got used to the feeling of not having her there. The tail soon came to a close and we were met by the large electric fence. 

"Now kids," the warden said, "We are able to show you one of the wolves up close later in an hour as she is the most tame. So when you are done come back to the main wolf information lodge and you can see it." She walked off and we saw the dark silhouettes of the wolves darting to and fro. We waited and stayed, the wolves coming closer by every minute. Then I saw them, those ice blue eyes staring at me. 

"Right come on guys, lets go back and see that wolf!" She clapped her hands and the wolves scrambled away. The whistle of the warden made the wolves recall further from our sights. We saw the bird's dance stop as the wolves moved back. Shivers ran through me. Tommy came in a light hearted mood and sat down on the seats next to me when we entered. 

"Right, do not move kids other wise she will panic and will cause trouble. You ready?" We all stayed silent and she opened the door. The click of the door set whatever it was on edge. It stepped forward and sat still, the leash taut as the keeper came in behind. The glint of the gun caught my attention. My pulse raced and I began to panic. It was Ely, the same wolf from the picture. The same girl who I knew from my youth. Tommy did not take this so well.

"That thing should be DEAD!" He yelled, the wolf looked up and backed away. Still though he continued, "It killed my girlfriend, it nearly killed TY!" He started to ran at her. At grabbed his legs and tackled him down. The wolf growled fiercely, the class ran out of the open door. The leash was becoming tighter and tighter around it's neck as the warden pulled it out the door. Her legs locked and the chain shattered. Tommy shook himself off me and ran, I stayed. My head on the ground and I did not move. The click of her nails grew closer and her breathing was dangerously calming. She nudge her nose on to my neck and then stepped back. I looked up and she was out of the door, looking back at me. She wagged her tail playfully and ran, I don't why or what came over me for what I did next. I followed her.

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