Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


7. The forest pack

Ty's POV

I knew that here father could do this but I didn't realise it was genetic. I sat up from where I was and looked at the photo again, those eyes and that body. The replica of her new personality was in the animal. The wolf for her anger but also for her beauty underneath. she had never been like this when I knew her. I knew that over the years something would happen, just I never thought this. I was dragged up by Tommy who was panting hard. 

"What the- hell was- that" He breathed at me.  He was already doubled over and trying to catch his breath.

"This." I showed him the picture and he froze. His eye looked over me and stop just in the creek of my shoulders. Two muddy paw prints were laying there.

"It attacked you! God, it needs to be killed. It should already be in pain after all the blood it's lost." He laughed. I dragged him over to where the blood stopped before.

"Really, take a look at the picture again. Do you see it's shoulder bleeding?" He looked from the floor to the picture repeatedly but he saw no evidence.

"So what your saying it is a fast healer, yeah?" 

"No normal animal would be able to heal such a deep wound in less that 20 minutes Tommy. This is something different. something that could kill both me and you, leaving the others to not notice what did it."


Ely's POV

*4 months later*

I was now some shaggy, matt of a animal. Unable to figure out how to turn back I was stuck as my wolf self. Wandering around the streets of the city, I was unaware of what was to come. Sitting on the roadside and watching the civilisation wander past and stare at the wolf-dog, that was something to do. It was better than any homework task, any field trip to the far corners of Northumberland, it was home to me. The sharp stab of something in my back brought me to that state of panic I hated. I had no chance to stand up and run. My head hit the floor and I was out. Oh god, how would I get out of this?


The rattle of the gate closing made me jolt up and hit my head off the wall. Smells that I never knew hit my nose like a ton of bricks making me whine in protest. The smell of dew and pine made me slowly come back to my senses. The deep growls that surrounded me pinned me to the floor, surrendering for my life. A grey spotted wolf circled me, his eyes looking every inch of me over. He chuffed and I could see his words:

Alpha material. Name

Ely I grunted back. 

Well Ely, we are the pack in the forest. You are the newest member so will be the lowest in the pack but show your dominance and skills and we will move you further up. 

I would like to know something, may I ask you?

Go right a head

What am I doing here?

You were found and then brought here. That is all we know from the rumours. Do not try to escape though Ely, the fence is alive.

And with that he left. The rest of the growls silenced and they stepped forward to meet me, many were grey and one was the purest white. I was the only black one. Their eyes the same dark gold or black but mine stood out because of the ice blue in them. I chuffed at them and ran, circling the territory. I understood why I was here, and I liked it.

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