Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


6. The bushes

Ely's POV

I felt the rip of my skin as I was thrown against the table. The heat burned through my body, making me feel like a cinder. A scream exploded from my mouth and I fell on to paws. My fur a glistening black, my senses sharpened to the finest point. I could feel how the boys felt, how they reacted to my scream. I heard them freeze and I took that as my cue to leave. I found the doors open and just sprinted. I heard the gasps of the kids at school but I just kept going. I knew this would happen. Why now though?


Ty's POV

I ran out and followed the small trail of blood. A larger collection had formed just outside of the library, it had stopped. I kept on running, through the lot and out of the school. The animal would not stop bleeding so I would always have a trail. I ignored the tired screams coming from my legs and pushed on. I had reached the park which was a few miles from college, when the blood stopped. It had just stopped, like it had dried up instantly. Whatever this creature was I was going to kill it because it had killed Ely.


Ely's POV

I reached the park and I could feel Ty's presence right behind me. The heat from my shoulder was numbing and I could feel it healing. I ducked in to the pushes and lay in my stalking position. I saw his feet come in to view, how I could just kill him right there. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the opening of a phone.

"Hey Tommy, I lost the blood trial. The park, yeah you could call the police, they could do something with the blood. Yeah, that was what I was thinking test it to see who are what it was off. I'll see you in a bit. I'm sorry 'bout before mate." He shut the phone and sighed. I started to panic, what would happen to me if I was found like this? I shifted uneasily which made him look towards me. Oops


Ty's POV

I was about to turn away when there was rustling from behind me. I stopped and looked. I was met by two ice blue eye staring at me from the bushes. I didn't want to breathe, I didn't want to move. I looked in those eyes and I saw the panic from them. They reminded me from someone. My hand reached for my phone, but I stopped when it's growl rumbled through my body. It made me shut down for a second. I came back to my senses but I still went for the phone. The growling increased so I acted quicker. I grabbed it and took a picture. I realised what I had when I was forced to the floor. The dog creature was in fact a wolf. It's black fur was glossy and shone in the setting sun. It's eyes were something that I remembered form a few hours ago. The colour, something about it struck a bell in my mind that I couldn't name. The rattle of a gun sent her shooting on to the horizon  I looked after her, the eyes. ELY! It was Ely, how could I have missed that?

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