Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


9. Dad?

Ty's Pov

We had run for a good half an hour and were well out of the park. I stooped down next to a tree and caught my breath. My breath faultered, but it stopped when I heard words that I thought I wouldn'y here again.

"What are you doing with my daughter?" A shadow loomed over me and I knew it was him.

"Good to see you again Sir. Good to know that you care for her after 5 years." I sneered at him. "If you don't mind I have to find your daughter to make sure she knows that your around." I watched as his form shrunk and that final scream erupted from him. He was something like a bull dog mutant. It's skin wrinkled, it jaw crumpled and cramped together. I think it was a English mastiff but worse, much worse. I ran away but I could still feel his heavy breath on my body. Then, after what has been like a few seconds, that was gone. That feeling of the ghost on my shoulder had swept away with the wind. I looked around Ely was not there and neither was the beast. My feet stumbled for a few metres and I found myself out in the car park. Tommy rushed over to me and tackled me to the ground, my breath stuttered as I thought of the power that her father could do in his 'animal' form. My heart stopped at the sound of a gun,  a shower of gravel hit me  in the face and a deep hole appeared a centimetre from my eye. I bolted up and saw the shadow of Tyler, her father, in the lot boundary. An evil smirk crept onto his face and his hands slung forward the limp body of Ely. Still as a wolf, her chest made the faint movements of life. Her eyes looked up to me and I saw the faint glimmer of hope in her eyes as they fell upon me. The gun was pointed down and pain shattered every feeling and look in those eyes. The rise of her body failed and her eyes just stared at me, staring threw me more like. Tyler raised the gun to his throat, and then fell to the floor as the crack of the gun split threw the air. I couldn't move, she was dead. My life goal was dead, and I never knew what had happened to her before in the forest. I never knew if she had feelings for, like I had to her. That was when the world was turned off to me, and I didn't want to go back.

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