Found you

Ely and Ty have been friends all their lives, but after one day they are split and put on different lives completely. When they meet will they remember what has happened and forgive or will it all end badly? Shall they see past their one big difference or will that make or break them? Shall they ever forgive each other...


1. Up rooted

I ran down, as fast as my little legs could carry me, to my best friends Ty's house. I had just turned eight and all I wanted was to play with him. I tapped on the door and was blown away at his complexion. He was two years older than me but I didn't care. I grabbed his hand and tugged him in to the the street and up to my house. I sat on the swing and he placed himself on the one beside me. I looked in to his eyes and found myself lost in that sea of green. They sparkled in the morning's waking hour. He smiled when he caught myself staring and I blushed deep and vibrant. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, I giggled and sighed as he continued. I heard the bang of a door and the hasty footsteps coming towards us. I caught sight of my parents, my mother with tears welling up in her eyes and her breath catching in her throat. Her hands grabbed my body and pulled me away from Ty. My father had his hand locked around the boy's frail arm and I was scared for him. My father looked as if he had just erupted and I sobbed as I heard him fall and was forced to his feet. I was pulled inside the house and the door was locked when both of my parents were in the building.

"Ely dear, we had-" started my mother but my wailing stopped her,

"I want to be with Ty and not you, you are horrid parents." I cried as I ran to my room. I saw that my bags were full of my clothes. Photos and ceramics were in boxes. I ran to me window and saw my father throwing our stuff in the back of the Land rover. My mother came in and took my stuff and took it outside. She came back and grabbed my hand and dragged my to the car. She locked the doors and then got her coat and ran with my father to the car. They started it and reversed out, I caught sight of Ty running for me. I placed my hand on the cold window and waved, I would never see him again. I just knew it.

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