Murder Mystery...

Two kids gone missing? Murdered? Kidnapped?
Lucy Ranger finds out about what happens to missing children, who have been missing for two weeks!
But why would that person kidnap children?
Read the book to find out...


1. Could it be...

Why would someone hurt poor children? What did they do that is so bad? "Stop daydreaming Lucy, go have some fun outdoors." Mum ordered

I grabbed my basketball and headed outside. It was a warm summers day, and a small breeze covered my face. I stared at a tree. It had a notice on it, reading:

Two children gone missing.

Please help find them,

If you do a reward will be given.

Last seen outside house playing.

Thank you...

I read it a few times, before wondering what the prize was.

I once saw Mrs.Silver (the mother of the children) crying her eyes out on the street. How great it would be if I found the children; hopefully alive.

I bounced my ball and kicked it hard, hurting my foot. It flew into the air and landed in someones front garden. I walked towards the house, and froze. No way was I going in there. It was a old, crooked, ruined house, which an old man lived in. I never saw him come out. I swalled hard. I reached for my phone. Oh damn, I left it at home. I was no way gonna get Mum involed.I opened the creaky gate. Dead leaves scattered the soil. I crunched over the leaves at made a grab for my ball. I fell and the ball went rolling towards the misty front window. I bit the skin on my finger. My clothes were a bit muddy. Luckily, my DMs were fine. Mum would of gone mad if I got them ruined. Slowly, I stood up and brushed twigs and leaves off me. I tip-toed to the front window and quickly bent down. No way did I want to be caught here.

A few people stared at me, bewildered but I gave they a friendly smile.And they just walked on by and shrugged their shoulders. I clutched my ball close. Carefully, I stood up. I was just about to walk away when I saw something dash by in the living room. I shoot my head around. I heard a crackling evil laugh. This was like some horror movie. I squashed my head against the foggy window. I saw nothing apart from a dining table with-could that be...                                                                                            

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