In the memories of the past.

This is for a competition please read
Rachel is forced to move, back to the street she lived on as a child.
(Characters based on real people but names have been changed)
Hope you enjoy :D


1. Chapter 1.

 I storm out the house in a rage. Made to move back to this stupid street. I moved away six years ago when I was ten and honestly I never looked back. It consisted on six joined houses on my little block. Behind my block there were about ten joined houses and at the bottom of my street were at least ten houses. All the houses back doors led into a small triangle with an opening at the top where the road was.


It was a terrible neighborhood  yeah I grew up here but... I didn’t like it, it was isolated and no one ever came to visit. Most of my friends moved away from this hell hole long ago, around the time when I done to be replaced by elderly couples.


At the front of my house there was a park, a pathetic park. When I was a kid the park seemed like the best place on earth, I would play with friends, and we let our imaginations run free. That was when I was a kid. Now the park only consisted a simple swing set and a climbing frame, they took away everything else. In the middle of the park, where everything used to be, is a massive hole, like a meteor hit and put a massive dent in the ground. There are steps going down into it but its fun falling on your backside trying to get down, or rolling down.


Right at the end of the park is my old primary school, the same old dented fence keeping the desperate children inside the school grounds at playtime. I couldn't believe I was back here, of all places. I race round the park past the large wall that held the garages that were rarely used by the owners, to the back road that lead to the parking lot, available to all who owned a car.


I looked down the street; the occasional car came into my view. A tall, slender man stood. Water spraying from the hose he held in his hand. A bucket full of warm soapy water sat beside him as foam washed off the car and down the rusty old drainpipe. “Hey I heard you were back on the block.” He chimed a grin on his face. “Remember me?” He asks grin plastered on his face. I vaguely remembered a man who would constantly wash his car. “Sorry... I’m afraid I can’t recall.” I say as politely as possible.


“Oh.” He had a slightly hurt look in his eyes. “I’m Mr Bard, Remember Rachel we used to always play football in the park, you, me and the boys.”

“Oh yeah sorry Mr Bard.” I apologize feeling slightly embarrassed. “It’s alright.” He waves it off, I couldn't believe it was him, but now I could see the resemblance. Underneath the faint wrinkles I could see the thirty year old man I used to know. He was my favorite person on the whole block when I was a kid. “So where you off to in a hurry Rachel?” I play with my thumbs. “I was going to check the place out.”

“A lot has changed since you were last here Rachel, your mates have moved.” I nodded, I already knew that. “But some nice people moved in last year, they have a son about your age...How old are you again?” He scrunched up his eyes as the sun blazed in his direction. “Sixteen.”

“Yea, he’s about that age, he’s pretty weird though, don’t see him around a lot.” I shrugged and waved goodbye to Mr Bard. “See you later Rachel, stay out of trouble I know you don’t want to be here but try and behave.” I nodded and smiled. “I will try.” NOT. There isn't any way to cause trouble around here.


I march down the street. Broad, white, gravel covered houses enclosed me. “A whole summer in this place, great.” I moan and kick a lamp post.  A man with beady eyes glances out of his window to investigate the noise. I keep on moving, not wanting to disturb the old guy with my muttering. I get to the last set of houses on the end of the street, but what interests me it the alley at the back of the houses. It was sheltered by walls on both sides, gates occasionally where the back gardens of several separate houses were.


I could hear kids laughing at the end of the alley, my curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate. I sauntered up the path, coming into the little rectangle me and my friend’s named, the ‘Little’ park. Just because it was smaller than the ‘Big’ park.


I turned the corner and saw no one, the laughing had stopped, but I literally saw nothing. The roundabout, shoot and see-saw were gone. Even the tarmac what remained was the dirt that lay underneath the bouncy tarmac. I stood, paralyzed by the horrid sight. My childhood, gone. Then I heard the laughing again. I turned to see too faint figures running round the corner. It was me and Mary...


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