Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


15. Wedding ruiner.


A/N: So im back. I honestly dont know who is still reading this other than my best friend. But for who you are i only update for you and because i love to write. But anyway. Im starting a new fanfic, i'll of course update this as well. But its called 'Unnatural' it just bacially shows how big of a geek i am haha, but anyway, Christina was so bloodly lovely to make this trailer for me for it. So feel free to watch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvV_kh53sKg I love you all.



"EY" Louis yelled and everyone turned to him. He waved the paparazzis over. "Listen my boyfriend is in there about to getting married and I need a way in. I give you a better story than this shit wedding so you better help me getting my man" Louis said.


The paparazzies started to ask Louis questions in trade for helping him with this plan. Louis answered each and every one happily. After a few minutes Louis had pushed them to finish up because he was busy.


“Listen. I just need you do distract the guards so I can get into the church and so Harry can come with me-“ he pointed at a journalist “-Yes I love him very highly and I know that this probably will turning out with me ending in jail- “ he sighed “-Now back to the plan alright. Just get them away I beg you” he said.


They neared the guards again. And the paparazzis started to annoy the guards and Louis could sneek behind their back and entered the chuch. He pushed the big doors open into the part of the church harry where harry was. “if I may ask you to stop this wedding” Louis smirked and started to walk up the aisle.


“you see Im in love with this person-“ he started out and spun around looking at the so well dressed people filling up the church. He kept walking closer to where harry and taylor stood. A grin trying to hide on harrys face. “-and that person, well I’d like to have that person so myself honestly, because I love him-“


“who let you in” someone cutted him of, probably what looked like Harrys mum.


“I letted myself in” Louis smirked. “But where did I come from. Ohh yeah I love this person. And now you’re probably all thinking, that this person is taylor. But I’ll have to tell you no this time. Mr and Mrs Styles, Your son and I are deeply in love and yes, he is gay” Louis said and walked up to Harrys side.


“Minding to run away with me?”  Louis grinned and bow lighting holding his hand out for harry.


Harry letted out a low giggled. “It would be a honor” he said and bowed as well, taking his hand. Louis looked up at Harry with a widely grin.


“well do me that honor then” he smiled widely.


“harry don’t you this” His dad protested. Harry just send him a cheek grin and then him and louis were of down the aisle and out of the big doors. The journalist and paparazzis outside took lots of pictures when they came out, and ran to their car. They cheered after them.


“That was about time” Harry breathed out when Louis had driven away.


“Sorry I had a little problem with getting in, just be happy I came” Louis teased. “or else you would be married to that blondi by now”


“Well then its good I don’t like blonds huh” Harry grinned widely. Both boys burst into a small chuckles and girly giggles.

They arrived at Louis’ flat. “Would you be alright with living here with Niall, Nick and Liam? And mainly me?” Louis asked as he opened the door for harry.


“They others yes. But you I don’t know about that really” Harry teased with a laugh.


Louis shook his head laughing and bent down kissing harry with a smile and he attempted to lift him out of the car. He failed the first time, but he got it the second. They were still kissing as Louis carried Harry to the door and he got it open.


Louis stepped over the door step and letted harry to the ground. “Welcome home” He whispered kissing him loving, his arms finding their way around Harrys neck and hands intertwined with long curls.


Harry smiled into the kiss, his hands sliding around Louis slowly, grabbing lightly onto the back of his shirt. The kiss lasted on for a few minutes until niall came walking past. “remember to breath” he added and headed to the kitchen


Louis burst into laughter and looked down, before up into harrys eyes. “You’re mine for good now” he grinned widely in a low whisper.


“”Marry me” Harry asked simply.


“No” Louis chuckled and walked to the living room pulling harry with him by his hand.


“Why not”


“Ask proper someday, but not now” Louis smiled and dropped down on the couch. Harry felt down beside and they cuddled up there, holding hands.


They were sat like that for the rest of the night, cuddled up holding hands. They were just simply talking, about nothing special just talking, small sweet talk. I love yous slipped from both mouths In about every hour that passed by. Nick and Liam had left to Liams place, for not to bother, the in love couple, Niall had left to a friend he had meet on work, a zayn. Louis had only hear about him but not much.


He had heard he was a brilliant cook, a bonus for niall. He was dark tanned and had a black quiff, a little like louis’ when he putted his hair up, but shorter and more messy. His eyes was dark brown and a toothy smile was always on his lips when he saw niall, well at least thing told so. Louis was just more than happy to see Niall finally have sort of found someone, who might be able to care of him in more than a friendly way.


The evening passed by, with a movie on the screen which not really gotten seen. With melting ice cream in their hands, and a pair of green and blue eyes locked with each other. Hands intertwined and fingers drawing soft patterns on a pair of naked legs.


 The room was filled with pure love filling both of the boys, the young as well as the older one. Legs eventually intertwined and eyelids sliding close. Breaths slowed down and got deeper, a head on a should with a head resting against the other. Chested pressed together, and arms strongly holding onto one another. A low soft snor and a mumble resulted in a deep sleep.

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