Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


11. This is our last goodbye

AN: so this are really lame and short, and lame again. I dont know what to write or what to do. If you have an idea tell me, because im empty and i need to know very soon or else there is going to go a loooong while. and its lame. i apologize


Louis strumbled into Nicks room, after several of yells and a long time scrubbing the letters on his tummy. He ignored the fact that Liam and nick were both naked laying on the bed, bodies intertwined. "Nick for god sake" Louis groaned an poured a glass water over the boys head, nicks body shoot up, but ending on the floor.


"What Louis " he groaned as he worked himself to his legs.


"Please tell me this ain't a tattoo" Louis mumbled, his head was spinning from the alcohol he had been drinking last night. He didn't see that the letters were red and not from the rubbing.


"I can't" nick shrugged. Louis looked at him with wide eyes. "I tried to stop both of you, but you didn't listen you both where on top of the world after that fuck. Someone filmed it if you want a tape, just leave me alone" he mumbled as he felt down on top of Liam and closed his eyes.


Harry hand noticed it quickly. It was clearly a tattoo. Harry held the phone shaky as he called Louis cellphone. Louis picked up the phone and both boys said in the mouth of each other. "We had sex " 


Harry felt down on his bed and covered his face in his free hand. "Do you have a tattoo as well?" He mumbled low into the phone, he couldn't get him mind around this. A mumbled sound from Louis signalled him, Louis got on as well. "What do it say?"


"Harry did this" a low whisper came from Louis' side.


"Louis fucked this" Harry mumbled.


A long silence came. None of the boys knew what to say. Before Louis opened his mouth to say sometime. "Are you sore?" He whispered.


"Yeah" Harry mumbled. 


Silence again. 


"Then I did good" Louis said a small laughter left mouth. Harry laughed low as well. A little while later both boys were laughing into the phones. "You know, I know Im going to keep this" Louis chuckled and brushed a finger over his tattoo.  “the tattoo” Louis whispered and looked at it. “Then I at least will have a memory of you, because I guess this will be our goodbye”


Harry didn’t say anything in a long time. “it don’t have to be” he finally came out with. He knew he had hurted Louis and now were his chance to at least give him an explanation. “It’s arranged, the marriage, Taylor seems to be happy enough about it, but I never liked the idea of it. Of course taylor is a nice girl but-but im gay, and I don’t know how to get it out to my parents” Harry sighed, he kept explaining to Louis about how things worked. Louis started to get on the feeling that this was just one bad excuse because he was poor, and rich people, well they only marry rich people, what would Harry want with Louis? Poor little Louis who only had a good thing in for singing and horses.


“goodbye harry” Louis whispered, cutting harry of his explanation.


“what, wait Louis what?” Harry burst out.


“I love you” with those words Louis hang the phone up. He lent his head back and closed his eyes, a hand over the tattoo. He sighed. What was he supposed to do now, just meet up at work tomorrow and feel exact the same.


Louis had after a long time figured he would quit, it was the best thing for both of them.  Louis had gotten his old job back as a karaoke singer and in the kindergarten, but the waiter job didn’t want him back. Louis was laying on the couch, trying to find a job more. He heard the door click open and a Irish accent rung out in the small and messy flat. “NIALL” Louis screamed and ran out into the hall jumping on the not so small boy anymore, Louis was the smallest by now. Niall had grown a lot, and nick had always been taller than Louis.


“Hello” niall chuckled and hugged Louis. “Wheres nick?” he asked as louis had pulled away and helped him to his room.


“Propably having liams dick inside him right now, so yeah, don’t interrupt them. Nick well literally kill you” Louis laughed and sat niall down on the couch, getting them some ice cream for both of them. 




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