Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


20. Standing up.


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On the walk home, Louis had decided to drop by at the post office to so if harry had written again. Louis opened the box and felt his heart drop. He sighed and closed it again.


“Mr. Tomlinson? We just got a letter in for you” A lady said and came up to his side.


“Ohh well, thank you” He smiled widely and took to letter. His eyes brighten up, when he saw Harrys neat handwriting on the front of the paper.


Louis walked down the street and opened it letter. He pulled the paper out and smelled it. He closed his eyes for a brief second, taking in my missing smell of his boyfriend.


Hello boo

I don’t know if you’ll get this before or after the skype session, because I sended it straight away. But I hope you’ll first get it after, because then you cant stop me. You never told me what happened, but I have on the feeling that my parents had something to say in this, and you moving down there. When I ask into you, they just give each other this strange look. Yet they’re smirking, like they’re happy I wont see you again, which I don’t like baby, I honestly hate it. Im going to stand up to them after the skype session, tell them that you’re the one I love, and the one I want to be with, Louis. I therefor as you to marry me, I mean it. There is a ring in the envelope. I hope you’ll accept it, because you’re perfect lou. I mean it when I say, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before. But im coming down, im coming down to you my love. If they kill you, I’ll kill myself. I don’t care I cant live without you anymore. Im fading away, away from the harry you know. And I need you, by my side. I need to be happy again, I need someone to love, and someone to love me back. I don’t know what is happening to me, so don’t et chocked when you see me proper. I haven’t eaten much, and I apologize deeply. I love you Louis. And im going to tell my parents around you reading this. I’ll see you soon, I promise. We’ll run away together baby, we will. I love you. And don’t try to stop me, because I have to. You’re the only reason for me to still live. I didn’t know love could take this hard damage on you. But apparently it does. Just you’re worth all this baby, and I love you.

Your harry.

Ps. I hope you’ll wear the ring. And that my little princess likes it.


Louis was lost for words. Was harry really going to do this? What was going to happen then. Louis hurried home and hided. He could at least stay alive until harry came, so he could feel his lips against his own. Just for a brief second. He missed the feeling, of harrys thin full lips against his own. He laid his fingers on his bottom lip, and closed his eyes. Thinking back on their last kiss.


It had been a lazy, short kiss, yet it had meant a lot to the smaller boy. Than harry did know about.


Harry walked slowly down the stairs, his hands in his pocket. Where his nails was digging into his skin. The nerves was taking over him, what if his parents wouldn’t listen to him. They never listen.


He entered the living room, finding his dad sitting in his chair, and his mum in the corner of the couch. Both reading books. “Mum, dad” Harry said, trying not to make his voice crack.


“Yes harry?” His dad said and putted his book down, along with his mum.


“Its just that, that” Harry sighed and ran a hand through his thick hair.


“Yes honey?” His mum asked softly.


“Im in love with someone. And I wont ever be in love with taylor. I can’t change the fact that im gay, not even if I try, and I if want to. But I would never want to” He shook his head, his parents eyes laid on him. His dad definitely not, looking happy. “and I know Louis Is alive, and that he misses me, and needs me. Mum, you should understand this means so much to me. But you don’t, and I don’t expect dad to understand. Because I just don’t”


Harry took a deep breath. “We’re engaged. Louis and I. I love him, more than I can describe it. Ask gem, she knows all about it, from the very start. I’ve been stupid toward Louis several of times, but he have always forgiven me. Because he loves me. And you can stop me from going to France to get my Fiancé. I know you wont accept this. As well as I know, its you and taylors family who is treating Louis on his life. But the thing is, parents. If Louis aint here anymore, im not here anymore.”


“Love is a very strange thing. Yet it’s the most amazing and eazy thing I’ve tried. I’ve never had someone before.  Not like Louis. Louis he, he makes my life so much brighter and easier. He makes me happier than I’ve ever been the last 19 years of my life. Its hard to describe. But I just feel drawn to him, in this strange way.”


“When he aint around, I feel empty, lonely.” Harry sighed and looked down. “I don’t know how long I can go without seeing Louis again, having him in my arms and kissing him. Im not marrying Taylor. In no way im going to marry her. And you cant force me. Im 19 now, and you have nothing to say. I’ve gotten plenty og money, and you cant do anything about it anymore. I love you too, but you have never been here for me when I needed you the most. You’ve never understood me. “ Harry finished of and added. “you cant stop me In this. Either you accept or you kill Louis, but then you have lost your son as well” and with that he left.


Two hours later, he had left. Of to paris. To find his Louis. And propose with the real ring, laying in his pocket.

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