Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


8. Sometimes it aint that easy

A/N: I dont think i've ever told who this nick guy is i've mentioned. Well its a guy me and my larry buddy maked in out rp back when we started out almost a year ago. But well we have figured out after long time searching that he looks like the model Francisco Lachowski. He and Louis have been best friends i most of our rp, because they have a lovely bromance. Nick is always noce, but he says whatever is on his mind, so if he thinks Louis is a jerk, he tells him. But they are like brothers and they love each other. Its hard for me to explain, and i dont know how good i can show it in this, because its me and hers thing. And i know its short and boring and probably filled with mistakes. Im tried because i was at a party yesterday and had a hour school today so i only got six hours sleep, and i just wanted this over with so i might be able to update more often. I apologize.

"Get on that horse Harry styles" Louis laughed at the boy standing by the saddle on the horse's back looking utterly frighten. "It won't hurt you unless you are to scared and it will get scared as well and it will throw you of" Louis said softly and ran a hand down the horse's neck. 

Harry just looked scared at Louis. "It can feel what you feel" he smiled and walked behind Harry laying a hand on his heart and a arm around his tummy. "You need to relax" he whispered into his ear and pressed a kiss to Harry's neck. He started to brush his palms over Harry's long thin arms, in the end he took Harry's hand and intertwined their fingers. "Relax" he breath against Harry's neck.

Harry's breath shaked lightly. “just relax” he whispered with a nod. He carefully laid a hand on the horse’s side and stroked it lightly, almost not touching it. Louis smiled and laid a hand over harrys, his fingers sliding in between harrys slim ones. “your hands a huge” Louis chuckled low looking at their hands.

“or maybe yours is just utterly small” Harry laughed and looked back at Louis’, giving his cheek a peck.

“I think its just your hand which is unnaturally huge” Louis laughed and moved harry closer to the horse. “Now up on it curly, I got you all the time…” He turned harry around and pressed a quick kiss to harrys soft pink lips. “…promise” a whisper came against harrys lips.

Harry blushed deeply, his eye falling to the ground. Louis kissed his forehead and helped him onto the horse. He held a hand on harrys leg and maked the horse walk. “not that bad huh?” he smiled up at him, Harry just looked frighten down at Louis.

“shut up im going to shit myself, this is scaring” he whispered with wide eyes. Louis burst out into a laughter and stopped the horse. He jumped up behind harry and wrapped his arms around him, taking the lines to control the horse. “press your heels lightly into its sides” he whispered. Harry did as told and the horse started to walk again.

“still scaring?” he asked, his chin resting on harrys shoulder. Harry nodded slightly, resting his head against Louis’ head. They entered a forest. Louis hummed low and speeded a little up. “You know lou? I love you too” he whispered knowing Louis’ hadn’t heard it come from harrys side yet.

Louis pressed a kiss to harrys shoulder. “Im glad, can a poor person take you out tonight?” He questioned low, knowing he wasn’t able to pay for any bigger that the food on the 80’er bar in down town. Harry chuckled and nodded. “I’d love to” Harry smiled.

“Don’t wear any fancy okay, its nothing big” Louis sighed and closed his eyes. Harry smiled at Louis. “I don’t care if you don’t have the money Lou, the money is just what makes me like a person, I’d rather sometimes live your life” Harry said and brushed louis’ cheek. “So I love you aint rich”

Louis smiled lightly, he wished he had more money. So he could give harry stuff and show him how much he meant to him. But he found it hard with the lack of money. After a hour riding around they rode back. Seeing harrys parents and a girl coming toward them. Louis stopped the horse and jumped of it helping harry of the horse. “Harry love come over here” His mother called.

“yes mother?” Harry said, nearing her, Louis following behind with the horse.

“taylor your fiancé is here to visit you” She smiled at him to taylor.

“i-I” Harry stammered when he saw Louis’ eyes grow widely. Harry found Louis eyes. “i- mum- I” he shutter. Louis shaked his head tears close to falling, he walked quickly of with the horse following him. Harry stood there completely in shock. “Hello…” he got out in a mutter watching Louis leave.

Louis found himself in nicks arms later that night. “But how could he.” He mumbled sucking on his spoon with ice cream. Yes he did know that it was girly, but he didn’t care.

“ I honestly don’t know” Nick sighed, his fingers running gently through Louis’ soft locks. “Maybe- no I don’t know lou, im sorry, just stay away from him” He sighed.

“I just-just thought I maybe might had found one, a person i-I could love for a change” Louis whispered closing his eyes, resting his head down on Nicks chest. “But maybe, he was just-just using me, to figure what he it into, and it turned out he just used me until his fi-fi-fiancé came back”

“Louis, shut up okay, you’re lovely, but blind sometimes.” Nick sighed. “I hate seeing you like this” He groaned and looked at the turned on tv screen infront of them. Louis shrugged just watching the television. He kept revising texts from Harry, but he never checked any of them. He closed his eyes and a tear felt. He just didn’t get why this happened to him.

Harry was laid on his bed, a sleeping taylor next to him. He had protested when his parents told him to let her sleep in his room. He was grateful for his bed to be as big as it was. He had kept texting  Louis but no answers came, Harry sigh. He had on the feeling it would be hard to win Louis back. 

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