Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


21. reunion


A/N: so i truly hope you'll enjoy this last chapter of this fanfic. If you want it, and wish for it. I might write a little 'one shot' sort of thing, with them in their future life. I love you all, and thanks for all the amazing support.


Harry was sat in his hotel room, for about 3 days. Checking out Louis every move, where he eat, his breakfast, his lunch and his dinner. Where his studio was to be found, and which way, he walked every morning to get to his work. What his new jobs were, and if they would need a helper.


Harry had written in to, Louis’ dresser, if they needed a possible job. He had gotten a no back at first, but later there the next day, he had gotten a yes. Harry had to show up at the studio at 7am. Harry was standing in front of the mirror, fixing his clothes and hair. He wanted to look good for Louis.


Harry found himself walking the way Louis did every morning. Hoping to see they boy, just yet before he was going to show himself at his work. But he didn’t. He knew Louis always first showed up at work, around 10 am. He entered the studio, and to harrys surprise, he could smell Louis in the air. His favourite perfume.


“Ohh harry, right” Lou said with a wide smile on her face, her daughter sitting on her arm, playing with a small make-up brush. “Im lou, the make up artist of Louis Tomlinson. He is a good guy, don’t be scared” She smiled friendly and lux waved a little at harry.


“Lux” she nodded and smiled widely.


“Hello” Harry smiled. “Yeah I know he is, more than anyone do” he said quietly. Lou showed him the way to the wardrobe.


Harry found himself waiting there. He heard Louis voice, greeting the others. Harry struggled with going out there now, or wait till Louis would come into the dressing room himself. Harry found himself moving slowly toward the big set, seeing Louis sit in the other end of the room.


Harry looked at him, the smile on his face wasn’t quite the smile Harry knew. But it was still there, the small wrinkles by his eyes, which would grow when he was truly happy.


“Arry” Lux said and pointed over at the tall curly haired boy, standing in the door. Louis head turned. Green meet blue. For the first time in 8 months.


“Harry “ Louis whispered, his eyes just slightly wide, and his mouth hanging open.


“HI princess” Harry smiled lightly and waved.


Louis gave lou, lux. He went out of the chair and ran to harry. Harry grinned widely and opening his eyes for the smaller boy, who jumped into his arms. His legs wrapped around harrys hips and his arms around his neck.


Harry chuckled low and held a hand on Louis’ bum, and the other around the boy, holding him tightly. “Oh my god harry” Louis breathed out heavily and clung tightly to the taller boy, like he was never going to let go, ever again.


“Surprise” was anything harry could get out, other than chuckles. The whole crew was watching the two boys, clinging to each other. “I love you” harry whispered and closed his eyes.


“I love you too” Louis whispered and pulled his head away from harrys neck, and pressed their lips together.


The power between them was not to be described, it’s was a unspoken thing. Yet so spoken, that both of the boys knew what it was about . There was some sort of power connecting them, making each boy miss the other deeply.


A power, which drew the two boys together.


The feeling Louis had felt, when he saw Harry for the first entering the little club. He had felt the need to god straight down to the boy, and tell him. He loved him. A boy he didn’t even know. It had scared him at first. Frankly, he didn’t know what it was. He had heard about soul mates before, but he didn’t truly believe in that myth.


But Harry had convinced him to believe in that.


He knew that he should appreciate the love coming from harry toward himself. Because, plenty of people didn’t get this sort of love, or felt this. And he made sure he truly did appreciate it.


The weird thing about these two boys, is that they knew anything. They knew anything about the other boys moves, smell, emotions, facial expressions. That was what made this love so beautiful. Two boys knowing about, one and other, like no one else did.


In the night later that day, harry and Louis was walking hand in hand under the Eiffel Tower. “Lou” harry said low and stopped, causing Louis to stop a little in front of him, and turn around, to face the boy.


“Yes baby?” Louis asked with a smile.


“I just got some things to tell you” Harry smiled and looked down at their hands, where harrys thumb was brushing over louis’. His eyes went up again and meet Louis’ eyes.


“I just wanted to tell you, Louis. You mean the world to me. Literally, there wouldn’t be anyone else In this world. You’re my soul mate lou, I truly believe that. I’ve been reading on it, yes I have. I love you. And you’re just perfect. The way you smile, when im around you. It’s a different smile when you’re around other people. I can see that…


…I don’t know what we have lou, but I definitely believe it’s something special. It’s our thing, a thing, so one else have. I actually have a lot other things to tell you. But the main thing is that, Louis I love you with all my heart. And I would like to ask you, if you would do me the honor of marring me. To spend the rest of your life with this ugly thing” Harry chuckled and went to his knees, his eyes was filled with tears.


Louis on the other hand, had tears already running down his flushed cheeks, and a big smile on his lips. “I-I’d love to” He whispered and nodded a hand in front of his mouth. “yes, yes god yes” With that harry slide the diamond filled ring on louis’ small finger.


Their story, well you can guess that yourself. But I can tell you, after years of trying to adopt, they finally got a little girl, Darcy. A beautiful little girl, with blue eyes and blond hair.



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