Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


16. picnic


A/N: busy week, but here you go!

The boys had woken up just a little after each other. Harry had been watching a sleeping Louis for a few minutes, before the older boy had opened his to see the younger one looking at him in his sleep. “you’re a creeper” Louis had whispered, a smile growing on his thin pink lips. Harry had simply just kissed Louis and gave him a humming sound as a ‘yes’.


Now the boys were found sitting in the park. A picnic basket in front of them and a colour full blanket underneath them. Louis’ head was resting on Harrys lower stomach, his back was against the blanket and his legs bowed up. Louis opened his mouth for harry, who placed a strawberry in his mouth. Louis started to chew on it, but not for long. Harrys lips hand connected with Louis’. The war for the strawberry had begun. Tongues fighting for the right to get the strawberry.


“ha I won” Louis said as harry sat up straight again after giving up.


“You’re surprising good at that” harry chuckled and brushed the hair away from Louis’ face, that had fallen down in his eyes.


“mhmm” Louis smiled widely as he chewed on the red goodie in his mouth, mixed with the so familiar taste of Harry. An always fresh minty taste, with a slight hint of chocolate, Louis loved it.


Harry chuckles and lent down pressing a light kiss to his forehead. Louis smiled up at him, before his eyes felt on the blue sky, with just slight clouds on this afternoon. The sky had started to get a slight red glow to it. Harry hand was intertwined with Louis’ resting on Louis’ chest. Louis eyes slided up and meet harrys.


“marry me?” Harry asked low with a smile.


Louis shook his head. “I told you, ask me proper one day and you might be a lucky guy. “ Louis smiled with a wink.


Harry chuckled and shook his head. “okay, I’ll see what I can do” He smiled and laid down on his back.


“What do you think your parents will say?” Louis asked and turned his head, so it was resting on his cheek.


“I doubt they will be very happy with what I did. Like running of with you ” harry sighed. “but I am happy and  feel like it is what matters to me. Being with you” Harry whispered and gave Louis’ hand a squeeze.


“Being with you is what matters to me as well” Louis whispered. “wow I made that sound rather lame”


Harry laughed low. “It is cute my love” harry whispered, he lifted Louis’ hand up and pressed a kiss to Louis’ little hand. “I love your hands” harry whispered. “they’re so small and soft”


Louis chuckled and pulled their hands to their place on louis chest. “shut up, it’s not my fault that yours are unbelievable huge” he laughed and poked harrys chest.


“You could grow a little” Harry laughed.


“I can’t” Louis laughed and hitted harrys shoulder.


The boys laid there while the light around them disappeared. Louis had eventually dazed into a deep slumber his head resting on harrys chest, and Harrys jacket laying over him to keep him warm.


“lets get you home my love” Harry whispered with a low chuckle. He lifted Louis up and carried him to the car. Harry packed their stuff and drove him a sleeping louis beside him. Harry got louis laid on the couch as he started to make them dinner.


Niall entered the kitchen. “hi harry” he greeted.


“Niall” Harry smiled.


“Could you maybe, if- get me the number for zayn?”


“Why? * Harry laughed low.


“That’s the last thing you can do for me now when you stole my boyfriend” Niall said, he still hadn’t gotten completely over the fact of him and louis being over, because of harry.


“Yeah yeah sorry” Harry sighed, Niall and him wasn’t really the bests of friends and harry knew that.


Niall grabbed some food and took the number harry just had written down and left the room.


Just about when Harry had finished louis entered the kitchen, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “ I guess I felt asleep” louis mumbled with a cheeky smile.


Harry poked Louis’ nose and laughed low. “yeah you did”


Louis blushed and pecked Harrys lips. Harry held  the kiss longer. He had slided his tongue into Louis mouth. “Marry me” he whispered against the kiss. Louis shook his head giggling. “shut up” louis whispered and kissed harry needing.


Louis and harry had cuddled up in the night, in front of the tv with grease playing. Tea in their hands and louis low singing and saying to lines, made Harry chuckled low. “you’re adorable you know that?” harry mumbled and pressed a lightly kiss to Louis neck.


“im watching the movie shhh” louis hissed.


“you clearly did to many times” Harry added with a laugh.



“shhh” louis hissed and hitted harry lightly.


Harry smiled cheekily at Louis. He watched him finish and put his cup onto the table in front of him. Harry pushed louis on his back to the couch and straddling his lap.


“harry” louis whined looking up at his boyfriend.


“What Louis?” harry smirked


“get of me!” he hissed


“someone is a little diva!” Harry smirked, looking down at Louis.


“im not a diva” Louis protested.


“maybe just a little, admit it” Harry smirked wider, a cheeky grin on his face.


“shut up harry, get of me” he whimpered


“let me think…no” Harry laughed.


Louis crossed his arms. “come on”


Harrys hands slided down to louis sides and poked them lightly.


“no. no not that!” Louis whimpered


“yes. Yes that” harry laughed and started to tickle the boy underneath him. Louis ended up laughing uncontrolledly and wriggling underneath harry.


“please stop” he laughed breathless.


Harry smirked. He lent down and kissed louis.


In no time both of the boys was naked, and deep breaths. Sweat falling from foreheads and bodies. Loud sounds leaving their troats and names yelled out. Highs reached and a mess on louis tummy. Eyes got closed and bodies pressed together. I love yous got whispered and sleep took over them both.

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