Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


19. Paris



A/N: this will probably be they one of the last ones i write of this, Im planning on ending it in about two or three more chapters, but i have a new one, an di gave an idea, i want to try of as well. SO this wont be the last of me




Hours went with your talking, and eyes never leaving each other. Louis had eventually snuggled up in his bed, his eyes laid on harry.


“The next meeting, can be in a week? Same time” Louis smiled at harry.


Harry nodded in agreement. “I’d very much like that” harry smiled widely and blew Louis a kiss, which Louis catched.


“I’ll safe that for tomorrow “ he grinned and snuggled more up, his eyelids slowly sliding in.


Harry just watched the boy daze off into sleep, a smile never leaving his mouth. Harry walked the peaceful face of Louis, his hair falling down over his closed eyes. Harry felt his heart beat fasten, as he started to miss this boy way more than he thought.


He missed to touch his face, his body. Just to be near to louis’ warm body would make harry happier that he had even been. Louis. Well in harrys eyes this boy was perfect.


He didn’t disconnect, he could, he simply went to bed, and placed the computer so Louis would be able to see harry as he would wake up for work.


Louis woke up that morning, seeing the computer in front of him, and Harry. The picture of harry was still on the sceen. Louis thought it had frozen, until he realized harry was sleeping and they were still live. Louis smiled widely, they thought of harry not being able to disconnect made louis’ butterflies build up.


He would a piece of paper and wrote ‘left for work, I love you, just disconnect when you wake up. I wont be back today. I love you.’


Louis walked down the streets of paris, his hands deep in his jacket pockets. He was wearing an oversized demin jacket, with leather selves. Underneath a white collared shirt, with studs. Tugged into a pair of black skinny jeans ribbed up different places. And his favourite pair of vans. His hair was sat up into a quiff. This was how Louis had become. A fashion sensation.


Everyone knew Louis, he was a world known now. As the new top model.  Louis smiled friendly at people who said hello or good morning. The streets of Paris, was beautiful. Cafés and restaurants was found everywhere. The ground was made of big granite stones, which gave it a romantic and old look.


Plants growning up the walls, making the buildings look old and cosy. And most important of all, the Eiffel Towers, louis’ favourite thing of this city. Louis would pass it every morning, and if he left early enough to it would still be dark. The lights it in would still be on, making it more beautiful.


At that time he would usually go up there, and watch the sun rise, before leaving to work.


Yes his life seemed to be perfect, he lived in the most beautiful city after his own head. But he wasn’t that happy, no one never noticed. Because he always seemed to positive and happy about anything. But he wasn’t.


There was a massive hole in his heart. A hole harry would fill out if he just was by his side. He would wake up crying, after dreaming about the curly haired lad, his heart belonged to.


Louis just needed that boy in his life, but its was impossible. He would get killed, and in that way he would never get to see his boyfriend again. A tear felt down his cheek, as his thoughts trailed of, to the fact that he would never be able to see Harry again. His harry.


Never a kiss, from those full thin lips. Never a touch on his cheek, a kiss to it following. Never long slim finger, running through his own soft hair. Never a touch on his chest, or thighs when they were making love.


Never nothing anymore.




Louis removed the fallen tear, as he entered the building to his job.


“ohh Louis, hurry up” His photographer exclaimed and pushed the smaller boy to his make up chair.


Lou his make-up artist stepped in front of him. “Good morning Louis” she smiled at him, as she started to apply the foundation.


“good morning Lou” Louis smiled, he had became good friends with his make-up artist and her husband. He felt someone tug on the bottom of his jeans. It was Lux, lou and toms little daughter. “And good morning princess” He smiled


Lux bent down and lifted the little girl up into Louis lap, who instantly clung to his neck, hugging him tightly. Louis chuckled low and hugged her back, a little more gently. “miee loulou” she nodded.


“I missed you too” he chuckled low, finding it adorable that the little girl couldn’t say ‘s’ just yet.


Lou smiled at the two, and kept giving Louis his make up on and fixing his hair. Lux what one of the many reasons Louis wanted kids, wanted to build a family. But there was only one person he wished to do that with.


That one person, it was forbidden to be with. Harry, Louis dreamt of getting married to the boy one day, and build just a small family with two kids, a girl and a boy.


Because the boy should become a football player, just like Louis always had dreamt of. So they could play football in the garden each day.


They little girl, would in louis’ eyes be his little princess, who he could spoil and give everything. She would ride, and Louis would personally train her. And maybe one day, she would get her own horse.


“What are you thinking of Louis?” Lou asked, as she noticed the boys eyes get teary.


“Uhh, just a old boyfriend. I cant really talk about it. I just…” he trailed of as a lump came in his troat, stopping him from talking, as his emotions started to build up.


“Tell me about him?” she asked smiling at him.


“He is the love of my life. This boy, I’ve always wanted to build a family with him. We meet on that bar I was singing on” he giggled. “He had never been down town before, and he was definitely scared, he had never been drinking, and he didn’t know what to do. I got him to sing with me, and after that I invited him out the next day, and it sort of build up from there” he smiled widely.


“ I ruined his wedding to a girl, he was supposed to marry. And then, we had a few amazing days, until something happened and I had to leave. An unspoken thing, I cant tell you his name either. But he is perfect lou, he loves me just as much as tom loves you. If not more,  he will always be my first true love, and I’ll never let him go or forget about him. Because I love him so much.”

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