Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


13. One kiss, can easily say a lot of words


A/N: so yeah, here you go. I dont really know what i think about this. haha. Try to enjoy.


Louis stepped away from Harry looking at him with wide tearful eyes. "Who do you think you are? To come here and tell me this Harry. Ain't you aware of how much you hurted me? It hurts inside me, and it's all your fault. Getting married to some girl and not even tell me. I hate you, just-just stay away from me" he said with small whimpers as he ran fast of tears streaming down his face.


"Louis " Harry called after him and sighed. He had really screwed up with this boy. Maybe he should just come out to his parents but he couldnt. Harry sighed and drove if to the party to see a crying Louis in nialls arms outside on a bench. Harry bites down his lip as he walked over toward them. "Niall I got it from here" Harry mumbled and sat down beside Louis. Niall gave him a weird look but he kissed Louis forehead and a peck on the mouth before leaving the two boys. 


"Louis look I'm sorry, I really am I never meant to hurt you " Harry whispered and pulled the crying boy into his arms. "I never wanted this to happen love, I just- if I told my parents about you and how much I love you they would maybe have Canceled the wedding, I just needed to make sure you loved me too, I swear I was going to tell them just a week later" he sighed. "You're the one I want Louis" he whispered truthfully. 


"Harry please. Don't do this to me" Louis whined low. He got out of Harry's grib and stood up. "You hurted me more than anyone else have, and trust me I've been used a lot through my life and I'm starting to get sick of it." Louis sighed. "Just- just leave me alone " he stormed of and into to the building. Leaving a rather shocked harry on the bench by himself. Louis walked in to find nick. “can you please get harry out of here” he whispered removing the last tears.


“Louis that wouldn’t be fair for Liam or Niall okay, just try to ignore him for me?” Nick said softly, even tho this was his big day he cared about Louis to bits. He stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead. “Just stay away from him during the night” he whispered, Louis nodded and hugged nick.


“Congratulation nick, I’m happy for you” Louis whispered  kissing nicks cheek and walked away to find niall. Louis sat down at his seat, beside Niall and in front of Harry. Louis took a deep breath, this was going to be a long night. Niall laid his hand out for Louis to take it. Louis smiled at him and took it. “Sorry I just got a break down, thinking of my sister and so” Louis lied. Niall nodded and kissed his cheek.


“she’ll be alright Louis, you know that” Niall smiled and squeezed his hand. Louis nodded, while harry gave them a confused look, Louis never mentioned a sister and especially not a sick one. Louis looked up at harry giving a ‘ you didn’t ask look’. Actually harry didn’t know much about Louis, only that he was madly in love with the boy. Louis looked at niall, maybe he should start making out with him, just to give harry back.

“What love?” Niall smiled and cupped his cheek, brushing  his thumb over it. Louis looked at harry and then to niall. He moved forward and connected their lips. Harry looked at them for a while before looking away with a sigh.

The night went, Niall and Louis dancing on the dance floor harry sat alone in his seat. Nick and liam already left for their honeymoon. Harry took the shoot and stood up walking over to Niall and Louis. “Excuse me, can I break in? Niall could I dance with your boyfriend?” Harry asked softly. Louis looked down with a sigh and niall nodded. “Be good to him, he is a little soft today” Niall smiled and kissed Louis’ forehead.

Harry took Louis hand and wrapped the other around his waist. Louis laid his hand on harrys shoulder, looking down at the ground, Harry rested his forehead against Louis’ hair. “look im sorry” he whispered. “you should know how sorry I really am. Louis you’re the one I want. Don’t you get it, I need you in my life more than you know. “ he whispered. “seeing you kiss niall or do anything in generally with him” he whispered. “it hurts, but I do understand that you’re hurting more, I just ask for one single kiss for me to show you how much you really mean to me” he whispered against Louis hair.

“please harry” he whispered. “don’t ask me to this, it have been 3 months since the thing on the beach, harry you need to get over me…im over you” he lied closing his eyes, tears falling. Harry shaked his head and pulled Louis closer.

“shut up, just shut up” harry whispered lifting Louis’ chin up and kissed Louis, not caring about people around them and specially not about Niall. Louis to harrys surprise returned the kiss willing. They were blocking out the world around them for seconds, which felt like hours to them. Everything felt right and perfect; there was nothing they couldn’t do together. This kiss told Louis, Harry still loves him. Until someone tore them apart. “What the hell” Niall screamed into harrys face. Harry felt a sharp pain in his nose and Louis’ body being ripped away from his own.

 Louis looked at harry with apologizing eyes as he followed Niall away. Maybe he shouldn’t had be this harsh to the boy. Louis had only got short time, a week to the wedding. He owned Niall a huge apologize and explanation.

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