Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


2. Meant to be? or not?


Louis smirking down at the, now panicking young boy. He knew he had seen that curly mop of hair somewhere, but here he couldn’t think of where. He had met those green pair of eyes and it melted Louis completely, two pairs of dimples make his heart flutter even worse. This boy caused Louis to go crazy he could feel it; he needed to get closer to this boy. He walked down from the stage, taking the boys large hand pulling him back to the stage. “Don’t be shy I’ll sing with you” he winked. Ed Sheerans ‘little bird’ started to play and Louis started out the song.

He watched the shy boy looked down at the ground. “No need to be shy” he said away from the microphone with a sweet smile. “come on sing” Louis planted a microphone in the boys hand and tilted up his head up with a hooked finger under his chin. “I give a beer after” Louis smiled sweetly at the boy.

He watched the shy pair of green eyes for several of seconds. Louis smile grew when the boy finally gave in and started to sing alone with the melody, Louis joined in later with a smile. “you’re a good singer” Louis smiled at the boy as the song was over. “very good” he added and walked off to get a pair of beers.

A few minutes after Louis arrived at the table with two beers. “I’m Louis by the way” he grinned and reached a hand out toward the curly haired boy. “Harry” a hoarse voice answered with a smile as he took Louis’ hand. “that’s a cute name to a cute mop of curls” a wink came from Louis. “you don’t come here often do you?” Louis sipped of his beer and looked over at harry.

“Well no uhh…” Harry blushed and looked at his beer. “No I not from around here, im from upper town” Harry answered low, he knew people down here hated the upper town people. “ohhh” Louis nodded and looked a little around. “That’s fine I guess” Louis’ lips formed into a smile.

“Honestly I thought you would hate me” Harry let out a low chuckle and took a big gulp of his beer. Louis laughed loudly, his eyes shining. “narh, don’t worry” he winked. Harrys face lighted up over how beautiful he found this boy. “You in school still?” Louis asked after he swallowed the liquid in his mouth. He saw Harrys face reddens even more. “I take that as a yes tomato, how old is you then?”

“18” Harry answered, his eyes downcast on his beer. “Well I maybe be a little old for you kiddo, im 21” Louis chuckled. He wrote a little note to the curly haired boy and handed it over. “call me” He emptied his beer and left the table. Harry looked smiling down at the piece of paper. He hurried home and stormed into Gemmas room, slamming the door behind him. “I meet someone” he burst out, seeing the growing smile on Gemmas lips.

He started to tell her about Louis, his arms wrapped around a pillow and his legs crossed in front of him. He told about Louis in such a happy and dreamy way. Gemma just listed a smile planted on her lips the whole way through. “go call him now!” Gemma giggled her adorable cute little giggle, she leant over and pushed harry of the bed. Harry was laying on the floor laughing. “give me your phone”

Harry laid down on the floor fully and dailed Louis’ number.


“hey its harry”

“Harry, hey, what do you need?”

“I was wondering uhh…”


“if you wanted to err”

“want what? No need to be shy”

“wanted to hang out?”

“Well I was wanting to go and pick you up at your school tomorrow I just didn’t get to text you because my best friend was being a jerk…. HEARD THAT NICK JERK”

“you’re silly, but yeah of course I’ll text you the address”

“great, I gotta go love, nick is being a jerk and dreaming over this guy he just meet, ridiculous right”

“yeah I guess…uhh see you”


Harry looked frowning up at Gemma. “what?” She asked with concern. Harry chewed on his lip. “Well the good news is we’re going to hang out tomorrow after school. And he called me love. The bad is he thinks his friend is ridiculous because he is dreaming about this guy the just meet” Harrys eyes felt on the ceiling. “like me” came out of his mouth as a whispered. “ohh harry” Gemma sighed.

Harry shook his head, he got himself of the floor and hurried to his room, locking the door after him. He felt sad and confused. Harry dressed into his sweatpants, and hided under his duvet.  He didn’t understand how he could even fall so quick for a person he barely knew, he was confused feeling like his mind was going to blow into atoms. After what seemed hours, but only was a half, Harry crawled out under the sheets and walked to his window, bringing his Ipad.

He searched first Louis’ number to look up his surname. ”Tomlinson” he mumbled and wrote it into facebook. He scrolled through the many Louis Tomlinson profiles until he found the right one. His picture was of him and a friend, probably nick. They were both grinning widely and were holding around each other. “they’re handsome” he whispered to himself and looked through Louis’ photos with a wide smile.

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