Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


5. Love

A/N: guys i wrote this on my ipod, and i dont have time to look it through i just wanted it up. Thank you for reading.

"Oi haz let me in" Gemma called through the door her hand still knocking on his door.
Harry's eyes went wide and he looked at Louis. "Into the clothes" he whispered and pushed Louis into the huge room with his clothing. Louis looked around with wide eyes and Harry closed the door behind him. He walked to the bedroom door and opened it slightly.
"Hey what's up?" Gemma asked an pushed the door open. They ended up talking for hours, Harry forgot completely about Louis in his room beside. Louis on the other hand had felt asleep in one of Harry's hoods, lent against the wall. Harry threw Gemma out when he got to tired and he remembered something.
"Louis!" He mumbled and opened the door to see a sleeping Louis sitting on the floor in his favourite hoodie. He sighed and smiled, he walked over to Louis and removed a piece of hair from his forehead. "Beautiful..." He whispered and lifted Louis up from the floor in his arms. Louis let out a little groaned when the ground disappeared. Harry carried Louis to the bed. "Sleep tight" he whispered and dared to kiss Louis' forehead.
Louis had woken up in the morning beside Harry. He had looked confused around until he saw Harry and he remembered where he was. A smile had formed on his lips, but when he had seen the time Louis had rushed out of the bed and to his car, still wearing Harry's hoodie.
They didn't meet for a week. Louis had been busy with work. Harry was busy with school. But both boys never stopped thinking about each other. Louis felt strange, he was thinking of Harry all the time. It was this strange feeling. Every time he arrived at home seeing Harry's hoodie lying on the bed where he has been hugging it through the night he felt chills come inside him. Nick had of course notice but he was to much into Liam, who was practically living in their house now.
Louis had just arrived home, he had been working all night and he was exhausted. "I'm home" he called out into the flat. He heard the sounds of nick and Liam having intercourse in nicks room. The sounds was clear and Louis sighed. "Honestly stop I'm tired" Louis yelled and entered the living room and froze.
"Missed me?" The curly haired boy sat on the couch grinned at Louis so his dimples in his cheeks was showing  clearly. Harry stood to his feet. Louis nodded madly and walked to Harry hugging him tightly.
"A lot " he whispered, Louis didn't even notice how obsessive he acted right now, but Harry did. It maked him feel like he was on top of the world, but he kept it down. "You're tired lets get you to bed" Harry whispered into Louis' hair, the smell of it course Harry's mind go blurry. He felt Louis' head shake slightly in protest. Harry just let out a low chuckled and lifted the smaller boy from the ground, a small whimper came from Louis mouth. "Yes...yes you are mister" Harry chuckled. They passed nicks room hearing a loud noise come from one of the boys. "How can you even live with them?" Harry's questioned.
A small mumble from Louis' side showed he was already half asleep in Harry's arms. Harry smiled widely, he couldn't believe how adorable Louis looked half asleep in HIS arms. His mind was blowing up, but he kept himself on the ground. Louis felt the beds soft covers under his body and he almost let out a small moan, his entire body was hurting after a long working day. "Kiss me..." He mumbled and opened his eyes slightly.
Harry's eyes on the other hand went wide over the two words Louis just said. "Eh-what" harry stammered nervously. Louis reached a hand out and folded it around Harrys neck and pulling him down, till their faces was just a few mm apart, Louis lent up slightly till their lips was touching. Not kissing just touching. A gasp escaped from Harrys mouth, but his eyes closed slowly as the kiss started. It was a slow firm kiss, a sweet one telling harry, Louis actually likes him. Louis pulled away a few seconds later and curled up into the bed.
Harry's eyes was wide opened and he didn't know what to do exactly. His mind was swimming with Louis and his lips still warm from the kiss. Harry decided to lay down beside Louis and just watched him. Louis was already close to sleeping, but he moved into Harry's chest and dazed of. Harry couldn't believe he was laying here, with a person who was three years older than himself. Harry didn't understand it, he didn't understand what Louis was doing with him. Perfect little Louis, who was slightly smaller than Harry.  In Harry's head that was perfect for him, because he got to carry Louis around. Harry sighed as his watched Louis' peaceful face. His eyelids covering his light blue eyes, almost greyish. His hair falling over his forehead and slightly over his eyes. His red cheeks with his cheekbones just poking out. The small pink lips was parted just a little, only being together in the sides. Every single Little further on Louis face, also the mistakes was perfect in Harry's eyes. He was in love with this boy.

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