Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


7. jealousy always turns out right

A/N: so after a few readers begged me to stay. Specially that smile65 girl who i swear is my biggest fan haha. But thank you for the support. I just never liked my fics, i think they suck, but anyway i just wrote this while watching Doctor Who and being sick. So i hope you enjoy.


Harry blushed as Louis grabbed his hand, while they walked to the stables behind the huge house of harrys. The stables was a long building, a few holes in the walls for horses to peek their heads out. Flowers on the walls and a big field filled with horses. Harry pulled his hand out of Louis’ when Gemma came on her horse.


“hey bro, is that the new one?” she questioned with a sweet smile at Louis.


“uhh yeah this is Louis” Harry smiled at Louis, but he didn’t quite like the look on Gemmas face as she was looking at Louis.


“Im gemma” she smiled widely at Louis.


“nice to meet you gemma” Louis smiled friendly and looked at harry. “lets good shall we?”


Gemma jumped of the horse and walked over to Harry. “he is hot” she whispered into his ear before leaving. Harry started chew on his lip, slightly jealous.


Louis smiled at harry he was to exsited. “can you show me already?” he chuckled and grabbed harrys wrist pulling off with him into the stables. Harry chuckled admiring Louis’ adorableness.


“that one right there, he is beautiful just like you” Harry pointed in the direction of a beautiful black horse. His black muzzle weren’t quite black, a white line when down over it, already starting on its forehead, covered by his bangs. His eyes was black, just slightly brown. The black hair covering his neck was wavy and long. Louis face lighted up by the beautiful creature standing in front of him, he pulled the door to the side and stepped into the square where the horse were.


“hello” he whispered and brushed his hand over its neck. He trangled his fingers with its long hair and closed his eyes. “you’re mine”


Harry watched Louis carefully. His hands brushed so lightly over the horse, while his eyes reminded closely. Louis looked beautiful in Harrys eyes. Harry lent against the opening to the box with his shoulder. Harry crossed his arms and watched Louis with a light smile on his lips. “you like him” he whispered low regretting the words leaving his mouth when Louis’ eyes opened and his hands stopped moving.


“I love him” Louis grinned widely. “he is so beautiful” he whispered and looked at the horse. Harry formed a wide smile on his lips.


“im glad” he grinned.


Gemma entered the stables with her horse after her. She smiled at harry and smirked slightly at Louis. “Harry will you get my jacket please” she smiled at her brother.


“Uhh why don’t you ju-“


“harry will you get my jacket please” Gemma cutted harry of. Harry bitten his lip hard down and nodded when he left the stable.


Gemma walked in beside Louis. “he is beautiful” she smiled at him and Louis just simply nodded. “you know you’re really pretty” she mumbled and ran a finger down Louis’ arm. Louis looked confused at her. “like really really pretty” she whispered and stepped close to Louis. Louis backed slowly away.


“uh im gay” he mumbled and Gemma just laughed her lips meeting Louis’ just as harry said gemmas name.


“l-louis” he whispered his bottom lip started to shake as he ran out of the stable. Louis got pushed gemma of him. “no harry wait” He sighed.


Gemma looked after harry and to Louis. “no you two wasn’t- you – omg” she ran a hand through her hair. “you’re the guy he is in love with, shit” she groaned and ran after her little brother.


Harry had locked himself into his room, lying flat on his tummy on the bed, tears falling down his cheeks. He had for once just thought Louis actually liked him, but now he doubted it. Gemma and his well almost boyfriend, kissing. Harry was torn apart. How was he ever going to look either of them in the eyes again. He heard a knock. “ LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE” he yelled, he never swore, but he was to angry, sad and filled with emotions.


“harry its me, im sorry I didn’t know” Gemmas voice called through the door. “I kissed him I swear” she sighed.


Harry didn’t answer he just buried his face into the pillow letting the tears make the pillow wet.


Yet again weeks went, Louis worked on the horses, hoping harry would drop by anytime soon. Harry on the other hand only left his room when he had to go to school or eat with the family. He felt miserable. When Louis heard about this he left the stables to go to Harrys room, he climed up the balcony and to the door to enter harrys room. He opened it slowly and saw harry curled up on the bed. Louis sighed as he saw the boy on the bed. He walked slowly over there. “love?” he whispered. Harry jumped of the voice and turned around.


“lo-louis he whispered and looked at the boy in front of him. Louis opened his arms for harry and harry stumbled into them. “im sorry” Louis whispered and kissed his hair, holding harry tightly.


“you smell “ Harry whispered causing Louis to giggled. “of horse” Harry chuckled.


“yeah I’ve barely left home honestly” he smiled lightly.




“Well I guess in hope of you coming so I just slept in the hay” Louis smiled and kissed harrys cheek, but harry turned his face to catch Louis’ lips in his own. Harry smiled and cupped Louis cheek as Louis’ arms slided around harrys waist in a firm grib. Louis and Harrys lips moved perfectly together. The kiss grew heated with the time, tongues moving together perfectly. Untill Louis pulled away. “want to go ride? I worked on both yours and my horse” Louis whispered against harrys lips.


“I think you should get some sleep first” Harry said and kissed Louis before he protested. He lifted the boy up and carried him to the bed. He laid him down and pulled away from the kiss. “sleep love” he whispered and laid down behind him, spooning him. Louis didn’t even protest, he didn’t realize how tired he had been before now. “I love you, i realised that when you wasnt around, i love you” he whispered and felt asleep just after those words.


Harry felt like his hear was going jump out of his chest. He had known this boy for 2 and a half month now, was it possible to love something this quickly. Harry sighed happily and pressed a light kiss to Louis’ neck. “I love you too” he whispered he couldn’t believe this.

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