Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


17. i'll never forget you

A/N: so i mainly wrote this chapter for b(ravery)eatriz. Because she is amazing! But this doesnt mean that i'll update much, because im very insecure about my writing, but i love you guys. Specially beatriz(i assume thats your name haha) But enjoy. Sorry for any mistakes, im to lazy to look it through and its midnight, great...



Harry got woken to a whisper in his ear, and a hot breath hitting it lightly. Hot lips plating themselves on his cheek. “wake up” the whispers sounded in his ear.


“noo” Harry groaned low, still half asleep.


Louis smirked. “Alright” he whispered and went to the kitchen, arriving back with a hand full ice cube and shove it downs harrys back.


“LOUIS” Harry screamed out and felt of the couch they both had felt asleep on.


It send Louis into the fit of laugher, holding his stomach. “get up, we’re going for dinner with my mum curly” He grinned widely. “I have to go buy her a little thing, I’ll be back in a half hour, and I expect you to be dressed”


“alright, alright” harry yawned. Louis lent down and pressed his lips against harrys. “take care okay” harry whispered, and kissed him again. Before Louis was out of the door.


It was indescribable for harry to tell this boy what he felt about him. He always had Louis on his mind, he could never stop thinking of the shorter boy.


Harry found himself sitting on the couch, waiting for his boyfriend who was already fifteen minute late. Harry played with this fingers and his eyes laid on the tv show rolling in front of him.

A dog ran over the screen, to its owner. While a woman’s comment on how they should do it right, for the dog to come on every command. Harry found it ridiculous, how people could go so wrong. How would you ever going to be able to raise a baby.


Harry got so into the tv program, he didn’t even notice, that there had went two hours already, and Louis hadn’t arrived back.


The phone run, drawing harry out of his thoughts as his grabbed it. “yup” he said as he answered. He next few words coming from the other line, caused him to drop the phone.


Someone had taken Louis, harry shook his head and closed his eyes.


He picked up the phone again. “what?” he whispered In a deep raspy voice.


“We found his car, on a road, it was locked, and all his stuff is in it. His mother confirmed, that it was his car. We don’t know what happened yet, but we promise to find out soon mr. styles” the police man reassured him


Harry hung up on the phone, and his head felt down into his hand, as tears starting to leave his eyes.


How could a person, be so mean to take his Louis from him. His Louis, the most kindest person he had ever known of. His mind drifted off into thoughts of who could possible kidnap Louis.


Louis woke up in a dark room. He felt his wrist hurting, and hand cuffed together behind his back. The corner of his mouth was sore, after having something over his mouth so he couldn’t speak or yell. His eyes was covered with a bandaged, tied into his hair as well.


He moved his hands slightly, getting send into a deep pain. He felt something run down over his hands. Blood. There was small spikes in the handcuffs he was wearing. His throat released a low whimper of the pain.


“Hello Louis” a voice sounded, not to close, but not to far away either


Louis’ head turned toward the sound, he could smell a mixture of strong perfume and sweat coming, from the possible woman in front of him.


“How are you feeling? Comfortable” She laughed mocking. A foot hit Louis’ right leg, and he backed of in a whimper.


“how comfortable do I look to you?” Louis hissed.


“who told you to talk” a kick got send into Louis’ side, making the boy curl up. “You see louis’, we have a little deal for you. We’ll send you off to France, so it won’t be necessary for us to kill you. And we’ll give you a house, and money enough to keep you running for a year. If you keep away from Harry Styles.”


Louis eyes would had went wide here. “But-“ he got cutted of by something ending up in his mouth and tied around his head, so he couldn’t speak.


“I didn’t ask you to speak. Either you take our deal, or we’ll have to kill you” The woman said and Louis felt something clod pressing against his forehead. He whimpered low and nodded. “So that’s a deal?” Louis nodded again.


“well perfect” The cold feeling from his forehead disappeared again and he felt someone lifting him up from the floor. “No contacting harry, he won’t know where you went or why you did it. He will probably thing you’re dead or left him. How sad”


Louis kicked out after the woman, his eyes tear ful. He felt a sharp pain in his arm and blood running down his arm slowly dripping down on the cold floor, he had been sat on for the last minutes.


“That will teach you, now bandage him up and take him of to paris. Of you go” He woman demanded the two men holding Louis in a firm grip.


The next few months Harry remind in Louis’ and his house, he was an completely mess. He didn’t know what to do, no one knew where Louis was. He was starting to fear the boys dead. Harry used to wake up in the night screaming for Louis.


Nick and Liam had stayed at the house, just to make sure Harry would be alright, they were just as worried about harry than they were for louis’ missing. Nick had eventually begged Harry to go home and stay with his parents, as he did.


A day he had received a letter. It didn’t have a name on it. He felt down on the bed and opened it.


My dearest Harry

You receiving this letter now, probably means that you’re still here, and you live with your parents by now. I apologize for the tear dots on his paper, but believe me, I’m crying my eyes out here and I’m having a hard time actually being able to write this to you. My love, my dearest love, I, I don’t know how to tell you this, because months have already passed but I never dared to write to you, in fear of my death. This also means I’m still alive, but life is miserable without you by my side, telling me anything will turn out alright. Giving my hand a little squeeze and my temple a gentle kiss. I never forgot about our first meeting. You looked slightly frighten in those green eyes of yours(god I miss them so deeply) but you couldn’t help on agreeing on seeing me again. We have been through some tough times my love, but we always came through them, and ending out as strong as ever. I-I just wanted to tell you I love you, and if you don’t want me dead, it would be best of you not to go find me. It sounds awful I know baby, but its true, I don’t know who is after me, but its someone who doesn’t want us to be together. I have a house, I have money and food, I just got casted as a model? Can you believe it? Me a model. Look out for me in the magazines, because im the new face of Hollister. Your own little princess is a model. I guess our fairy tale lasted as long as it could, but we never got our happy ending. I love you harry styles, you’ll always be in my heart. I’ll never forget you. Never.

Lots of love and kisses your boo bear.xoxo  

p.s I’ll write sometimes, but I can risk you writing to my address, so here is my p.o box address. I love you baby, I cant wait to hear from you, smell the paper. I love you 



A/N: yes i did cry writing that^

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