Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


12. I still love you

A/N: so i dont know if this turned out as i wanted to to turn out. and i cant even be asked to look it through, because my mum is tell me to do all kind of stuff while my sister is a lazy fuck and haves to do absolutely nothing. fml. But yeah. I got some idea. Including. A hook up. Ruining a wedding. Marry me. Kidnapping. Yeah i hope you enjoy if not. I know i suck.

Niall meet Liam, for the first time. Weeks had yet passed by. Nick had acted weird through the day. Liam just on the top of world.They claimed to be so in love with each other. Truly, they were. Always all over each other, grinning and joking around. Small whispers into each other’s ears, causing the other to giggle. They were all planted on the couch, Nick in Liams arms, Louis and niall cuddled up into each other sides. “I ermm” Nick mumbled and swallowed hard. “I got something to say actually” He said and got up from the couch, getting liam up with him.


Liam smiled at him curious. Nick had taken both of liams hands. A small omg left Louis mouth when he realized what nick was doing. “Liam…” Nick started out. “we have known each other for about a year now, and been dating a half, I’m so into you that it hurts…no shit I screwed up” He groaned and coughed. “it’s a good feeling of course, but im just so in love with you liam. Im grateful to have you, and I feel like I want to take it a step up, this us, our relationship. Liam I love you so deeply” He said looking directly into the boys eyes. He got on his knees and pulled out a red box, opening it. A ring inside, golden and a little stone in it. “Liam Payne will you marry me”


Liam was stood frozen infront of Nick, a hand over his mouth, his eyes tearfull. “omg “ Liam whispered. He started to nod madly and reached a hand out for nick to put the ring on his finger. “yes…yes…yesyesyes” he stammered tears falling. Nick placed the ring on liams finger and pulled him in for a tight hug.


“Okay im going to leave to my new work before I puke rainbows” Niall laughed and stood up from the couch. He clapped the boys backs and pressed a small kiss to louis lips before running out. Louis and Niall had started to sort of dating two weeks back, it was nothing serious just yet. But they felt comfortable around each other, and to them that was all that mattered, to have someone you love by your side. They had both agreed on them just dating, so boyfriends. Just dating.


Niall had arrived at his new work as a servant for a Harry Styles the city’s riches boy. Niall hadn’t got told about his and Louis relationship, though neither Nick nor Louis knew what this job was about. Niall entered Harrys room. “Good after noon sir, im Niall horan your new servant” Niall smiled at the curly haired boy standing in front of him.


“That name says me something, but you know what, I don’t really need a servant” Harry sighed. “I guess I just needs a friend, other than one of the waiters, Zayn.” He shrugged and felt down on the bed. Niall nodded but kept standing where he was. “Im getting married you see, to this girl. Taylor.” Harry started to talk, and Niall eventually took a seat beside Harry. Harry told Niall about anything, how he had always been gay, but not having told his parents. About Louis and how they had meet, not mentioning names. And how it all had ended. About the sex on the beach and the tattoo without showing it.


Niall listened to the boys stories. “Wow it must be hard” he finally mumbled. Harry nodded and laid back closing his eyes. “I’ll go make you a cup of tea sir” Niall said and left the room and the messed up boy. Niall left home when harry had fallen asleep. He found Louis asleep on the couch and the sounds of Nick and Liam celebrating the proposal. “Lou” he whispered to the boy. Louis mumbled in sleep. “Let’s go to bed shall we” he whispered, pulling the half asleep of the couch and into his room. Niall got Louis undressed, just chuckling of the tattoo, he thought it was silly. He laid Louis down and felt asleep beside him.


Two months went and it was the day of Nick and Liams wedding day. Louis was standing by a nervous nicks side, and Niall beside. “Who is that guy you invited love?” Louis whispered to niall. Niall looked around and when harry entered the room he pointed over. “that guy, but he is Liams friend as well, so yeah” Niall smiled and waved at harry. Harry waved back, but stopped his movements when he meet Louis’ eyes.


“Shit…” Louis mumbled to himself, his eyes were locked with harrys. He finally shaked his head and looked away, trying to keep his eyes from tearing up. Harry went to find a seat and nick whispered to Louis. “are you alright?”


“I Think so” he shrugged and looked at his best friend. Niall squeezed his hand. “he must think you’re pretty” he chuckled low smiling at Louis. Louis nodded slightly. “maybe” he shrugged, giving Nialls lips a little peck. The music started to play and Liam came through the door. Louis eyes trailed from Liam over to where harry was sitting, to find Harrys eyes already laid on Louis. Harrys eyes were tearful as well and mouth ‘im sorry’ louis shrugged and looked back at Liam. All through the ceremony Louis and Harrys eyes had meet several of time. Niall lent over to Louis under one of the songs. “are you alright Lou?” he whispered into his ear


“Yeah im fine love” louis nodded and looked at harry quickly before turning to niall and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Im just getting emotional” he chuckled low and looked over at Harry, how had a deep frown on his face. Louis looked down at the song book. When the ceremony were over Nick and Liam left out first following by other people. Niall had rushed of after the now married couple to get a picture. Which left Louis in the church, with harry waiting for him. “So you and niall?” He asked as he got to Louis side.


“Its none of your business and why do you even care” Louis snapped at the taller boy. Harry sighed and shrugged. “I guess, I don’t know” he whispered looking down at his feet. Louis sighed. “im sorry I didn’t mean to snap, Niall and I is just sort of dating, nothing serious yet” he said and looked over at Nick and liam kissing for photos. “They are just perfect” Louis said with a wide smile.


“Louis I still love you” Harry whispered into the shorter boys ear.

A/N: i decided to make louis and niall date, of the reason that harry cant, and christina gave me an idea. Hope its alright

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