Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


9. I loved you.

A/N: here you go. Im thinking of doing a little smut in the next chapter. Tell me if you think they should have sex?

Louis knew he couldn’t hide from his work, he knew he wouldn’t want to quite. So he didn’t. He found it hard when he saw harry. Specially with that Taylor girl buy his side. She always seemed to have her arm linked with Harrys and chatting life fully. A thing Louis hated so badly. Louis didn’t get Harry at this point, he didn’t get why harry just seemed to…ignore him. But in the matter of fact Harry only seemed to notice him when she wasn’t around. This seemed to bother Louis a whole lot.


But in fact, Louis always turned his back to Harry. He just couldn’t bare the thought of talking to harry after what happened. Louis just couldn’t keep his mind of harry just using him. Louis breathed out heavily as he head harrys voice call his name. “not now” he whispered his himself. He looked at his horse by his side, to take a look over his shoulder back at harry. He sighed and shaked his head he wasn’t ready for this just yet. He jumped on the horse’s back and rode of fastly.


Nick (this is out nick http://capricho.abril.com.br/blogs/radarfashion/files/2010/06/francisco-lachowski3.jpg ) came to pick Louis up later. He stumbled directly into harry on his way to the stables. “Nick?” harry asked as he grabbed Louis’ best friend by the arm.


“What?” Nick sighed, not happy with this boy right now.


“Why wont Louis talk to me” he questioned with a low frustrated groan.


“Well aint that clear harry?” Nick sighed. “You hurted him badly, and you used him, in the fact I rather not talk to you as well, because Louis is my best friend and he have been during a long time now, and I aint going to let some rich boy ruin his life Harry”


Harry stepped slightly back of the tone in Nicks voice. He must really had screwed up with this one. He just, he had told Louis his loved him, without an explanation of him actually being engaged. But he had wanted to, he had just found it hard to do. Harry had just wanted to fall more in love with Louis so he in the end could should his parents, it was Louis he loved, and so was he story written. “I wanted to tell him nick I swear” Harry tried to defense himself.


“Just…Leave him alone harry” Nick snapped and walked of, after he had pulled his arm out of Harrys. He made it inside the stables eventually, to see Louis stand by his horse’ little box. “ Hi lou” Nick said low as he walked over to the rather sad looking boy. Nick wrapped an arm around him and lead him out of the stables and past a Harry who called louis’ name. Louis looked back at harry and three words left his mouth.


“I loved you”


His head felt down on nicks shoulder as his own shoulders started to shake, as the tears felt slowly down his cheeks. “I trusted him nick” he whispered.


“I know Lou, I know” He sighed and rubbed his back. Nick was a good friend, after this with Harry He had been telling Liam that he had to take care of Louis, but he could sleep over at nights, when Louis seemed to be alright. Liam in the fact felt a little annoyed with the fact of Louis stealing his new found boyfriend away, but on the other side he was happy nick was such a caring boy.


Louis had as well started to feel bad about keeping nick from Liam, but he just needed someone and at the moment Nick was the only one around, when Niall was in Ireland to visit his family for few month and only would be back in yet another month. No one of the two boys, could stand to call him, because they both knew he would hurry back, and they would rather not be those to bring Niall back home.


Weeks passed, Louis doing his best to ignore Harry and Harry trying his best to get a hold of Louis more than two seconds, before he would run of. Nick had come home a few days earlier and invited Louis to a party on the beach, he had done the same with harry. Nick was aware of the consequences he would get from this, but he didn’t care. All he wished for his best friend was to make him happy again.


At the party day. Louis had dressed up in a pair of black skinny jeans, god know how he got them on, and a tank top, showing two almost always hidden tattoos. One on his collarbone, and one under his left arm. The Chinese letters on his collarbone said far away, and a little bird on the top. The one under his arm were a few birds flying up, they started out from ‘faith’ and grows into birds( like this http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me35r9XdqY1r25cpko1_500.png , just on the side of his body). Not many people knew about this, only mainly nick. They arrived at the beach. Liam and Nicks hands were tightly intertwined, they were happy together a lot, even though nick was 21 and liam only just turned 18, they didn’t seem to care. They were perfect in Louis’ eyes.


Louis walked over and grabbed a beer from the drinks stand, making his way over to the big fireplace and took a seat. A girl was quickly over him, Louis just moved slightly away and ignored the girl the best he could. When he was on his 3rd beer he saw harry coming walking over the sand. Louis eyes flew over on an innocent looking nick. “nick” Louis groaned at him. But nick just smiled widely at him, while liams lips were all over nicks neck. “I hate you” he called over at him, causing nick just to pull simply on his shoulders.


Louis looked up to meet harrys eyes. Louis shaked his head and looked down against with a sigh, maybe he should just find some easy guy for the night, just to keep harry away from him. He emptied his beer and threw it in the sand. Louis grabbed a new one and walked slowly down toward the water. He felt a hand one his shoulder. “Louis “ Harrys soft voice sounded. The next went to fast. Harry had turned the smaller boy around and pulled him into a tight embrace.

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