Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


6. he is the one



A/N: Im really sorry for being this awful, and rubbish with updating! I'll try to do it more often that that there is only two weeks to holiday.

Some people come to the point of their life where they think they’ve found the one. It happened to Harry. He thought he would be with Louis forever, or he was at least going to try his best. He was waiting there lying beside a sleeping Louis, who in fact was talking in sleep. Should harry ask him when he would wake up. “hey lou, do you want to be my boyfriend” he whispered. “no that sounds lame” Harry mumbled to himself. His mind was blowing up with Louis, what if Louis would just laugh at him, tell him a no. A sigh escaped Harrys mouth, his eyes falling to the wall in front of him. Small pictured in frames was hanging on the wall. Louis was on a few of them, with 4 smaller girls. Harry remembered Louis had been mentioning something about having 4 sisters. A smile formed on Harrys lips when he saw a baby photo of Louis.

Harry eventually felt asleep with his arm around Louis. He had woken up to an empty bed and piano play. Harry yawned and stretched out on the bed for a while, his eyes on the ceiling listing to the beautiful music filling the house. Rolling out of the bed harry made his way to the living room to see a topless Louis sitting by the piano in the corner, fingers sliding over the black and white keys releasing the most beautiful sound. Harry stood there in the doorway lent against the door frame for a long while, just wanting the boy by the piano. Harry moved closer to Louis, not knowing whether if he could take a seat beside him. He swallowed hard and sat down beside Louis.

Louis felt someone sitting down beside him. He turned his head and met a pair of green eyes. A smile grew on both boys lips. “Morning sleepy head” Louis gave harry an elbow in his side. “I called your school and said you were sick, so you’re mine all day” Louis winked at harry. Harrys eyes grew wide, what if he parents found out. “calm down love, its fine” he laughed. Louis stopped moving his fingers over the keys.

“don’t stop” harry mumbled his voice husky, he didn’t realize that he had been sleeping all night, but now he did.  “Im taking you some where then” Harry smiled at Louis. Louis looked curious at harry with a wide grin.


“You’ll have to wait to see where, but I promise you’ll love it” Harry grinned, he had something big in mind and a new job for Louis. “but quit your jobs first” harry said shyly.

“what? No I can’t” Louis protested, his eyes wide. “I need the money harry”

“Shut up I got a better offer for you” harry grinned, he jumped of the chair and walked toward the door. “come on” he grinned exsited. Louis stood hesitantly up and pulled a jumper over his head making his hair messy. Harry looked at it for a while, he liked it, but yet he couldn’t stand messy stuff. He rushed over and fixed Louis hair. Louis looked up at harry with a small chuckle. “what are you doing?” he asked.

Harry stepped slightly away and his hand felt to his sides. “uhh your hair was-was messy” he shuttered out and blush growing on his cheeks. Louis laughed and pulled his shoes and a jacket on and stepped outside. “snow” he whispered and looked around, anything white. Harry peeked over Louis shoulder and grinned widely. Louis looked back at harry with a slight smirk and a cheeky look on his face. Harry stepped back from Louis. “dry that smirk of!” harry whined.

“noo” Louis smirked and stepped out in the snow forming a snowball. “come on honey bear” Louis said cheekily ready with the snowball. “or im going to throw it through the door and tell nick it was you, and he’ll kill you, while he force you to clean up” The smirk on Louis face grew as he raised the hand with the snowball in.

“that’s not even fair Louis!” Harry protested like a little kid.

“its completely fair, I didn’t get a morning kiss and this is your punishment” Louis winked at the now blushing boy. Did he really just say that harry was in shock, Louis expected harry to kiss him good morning. Harrys tummy made a twist.

“How about one now then?” Harry suggested, he really didn’t want to get that snow ball in his face.

“tooooooo laaate” Louis sang with s cheeky look. Harry groaned and decided he could just  go outside, what were there to lose. Harry stepped outside and the snowball hitted his hair. “Looooouuuuiiiiisss” Harry screamed out in a whine.

“Now come one you gotta show me that place, can you drive?” Louis asked and coursed harry to nod. Louis sat in the passenger side as harry was placed in the driver side. Louis started the radio and Olly Murs ‘Dance with me tonight’ came on the radio.

“I JUST WANT YOU TO DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT” Louis sang out on the top of his lungs, a loud laugh escaped harry mouth as his fingers was drumming to the music.  Louis kept singing loudly, when the song ended a new started and Harry did as well. Both of them was singing loudly in the car. Louis burst out laughing throwing his head back against the neck rest as he clapped his hand. “yeeees” he laughed and looked at harry. Harry was still singing loudly along grabbing the air and laughed in-between words. Louis didn’t even look where they were going, he was having to much fun with harry. They pulled up at Harrys house and he turned of the car.

“What are we doing here? “ Louis questioned curious.

“Well I told you I got you a better job didn’t i?” Harry grinned widely.

“as your housemate? I don’t think so”

“No I got you your own horse, and one for me as well, the problem is that they aint trained yet”


“yes I got you a horse”

“wow thank you harry!”

“but the job is that you need to train the two of them and I promise you the payment you’ll get will be enough to pay the house rent every month.”

“really thank you so much harry”

Louis lent over toward harry and folded his hand around his neck, pulling him in for a soft kiss. “thanks” he whispered against his lips and kissed him again.

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