Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


4. He is so wonderful.


Note: i havent looked this through, but i have 6 reports to school, so im sort of busy. Maria.

They rode out of the big forest, the birds singing could still be heard. Harry grew wide eyes at the view. There was a little lake, just a little slim one, running into the forest. It connected with a little round pound, where a small water fall flooded down into it. The sun hit the water, in a perfect way. It almost looked like fire. Harry let out an amazed sound. “Like it?” Louis whispered low. Louis felt harry nod against his shoulder. “Its beautiful” Louis whispered again.

Harry jumped of poppy, his legs bringing him to the small lake. Louis laid down over Poppys neck, watching the boy exploring his favourite place of all time. Harry took his shoes of and steeped into the stream, the power of it was huge today. “Curly watch out, so you wont… “ Louis laughed as harry felt over in the water. “…fall”  Louis buried his face into poppys hair as he laughed loudly. Harry stood up, soaked with water. “can  we go home” he mumbled and looked over at Louis who was nodding.

“you’re really clumsy” Louis laughed as they rode back to the car. “shut up” Harry groaned. Louis laughed louder and jumped of Poppy, kissing her goodbye and jumped over the fence. Harry followed Louis. “you’ll need to guide me home to you, princess” Louis winked and threw Harry a give sweatshirt. “Can you change to wear this, I swear it will cover your bum” Louis reassured Harry. Harry looked unsure at Louis, how turned his back to harry. Harry sighed and pulled his wet clothing of and the oversized hoddie over his head. He pulled it as far down as it could come, insecure about his long slim legs. “okay” Harry mumbled and rushed into the car. Louis sat in as well and drove off.

Louis looked over at harry. “Do you want me to get you a cup of tea from Starbucks? You look cold” Louis added at a shaking harry. “if it wouldn’t be to much to ask for” Harry mumbled. Louis shaked his head and pulled up at starbucks. He hurried inside to grab a tea for harry. Harry was sat looking out of the windows, as a boy walked past, he looked rather confused at the car, then to harry and to the shirt. He stopped up and look at the starbucks with a raised eyebrow. Louis came out the the starbucks, but he froze when he saw nick standing by his car, taking to Harry.

“Nick?” Louis asked carefully as he neared the car. “Louis, hey” Nick said and looked at him with a confused look. Louis handed Harry the tea and pulled nick away. “He is just someone I meet okay, don’t scare him away, I really like him” Louis said low with a hissed voice. “I never thought I would hear Louis Tomlinson, say he actually likes someone” Nick laughed and nudged Louis teasing. “Shut up will you” Louis mumbled with a low groan at Nick. “Where is he from?” Nick now questioned and looked back at Harry how was getting the hot teas warmth to his body.

“Upper town, he is one of the rich kids” Louis added with a sigh, knowing what nick would say next, and he said it along with nick. “are you crazy” it came out. “Noo, okay he is different, not like josh” Louis added with a sigh. “you might kill me when you know his age, but let that be, I’ll see you at home” He rushed out and ran to the car. “Louis!” Niall called after him with a sigh. Louis drove of fastly and sighed when he couldn’t see nick anymore. “Whats wrong?” Harry asked, seeing the worried look on Louis’ face. “Ohh nothing, don’t worry about it” Louis forced a small smile, knowing nick would do anything to stop this between him and Harry

Harry stopped Louis a few houses away from his own. “Keep the sweatshirt” Louis smiled at harry. Harry fought for the blush creeping up on his cheeks.  “I’ll see you in a few days, sorry, im busy with work the next few days” Louis apologized and smiled at Harry. “Ohh yeah, its alright” Harry mumbled and looked at Louis lips, he teared his eyes away. Louis smiled and ruffled Harry hair, “give me a call will you” He winked and laid a piece of paper in Harry lap. Harry nodded and rushed out of the car. He forgot his blazer, which gave Louis an excuse to follow him. Louis parked the car, crawling out of the side and followed Harry slowly. He saw him enter the house and light getting turned on in a room.

Louis smirked and ran over the garden, he crawled up the stairs looking through the window, seeing Harry still in his sweatshirt. He smirked and waited till he left his room and crawled through his balcony door. He sat down on the bed, Harry blazer over his shoulders. Louis looked  around in harrys clean room. He saw a mountain of fashion magazines, a chuckle leaving his mouth. The door got opened. “You think it suits me?” Louis chuckled and took a spin. Harry jumped back scared letting out a low whine. “Louis!” he hissed and slammed the door close. “what the hell are you doing here?”

“You forgot this curly” Louis flashed Harry a wide smile and a wink. He pulled of harrys blazer. “Here you go” Louis smiled. “How did you get in?” Harry grabbed the blazer with a sigh. “balcony” Louis winked and felt down on Harrys bed again. Harry sighed and looked at Louis. “you should leave” Harry mumbled. A knock came on Harrys door and gemmas voice rung through the door.

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