Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


10. Drunk mistake.

A/N: so this chapter have smut in it, i litterally just wrote it and its 1am whats wrong with me. and its written on my ipod so yeah, sorry for mistakes i just wanted to get it up. But whatever. I put it in where the smut starts and ends, so just skip it smut part if you feel like it. And thats for you christina, because im going to embarrase myself infront of you here, so dont read it please hahaha, love you. And i love you all!


"Can we talk?" Harry whispered to Louis.


"I rather not" Louis mumbled. He missed being this close to harry, and that was clearly the reason for him not to pull away just yet. He didn't go to this party to talk to who so ever, he basically just wanted to get drunk, maybe get laid. "Let's get drunk?" He whispered as he finally pulled away from Harry's body and tight embrace.


Harry nodded in agreement, maybe he in that way would be able to get something out of a drunk Louis. Two vodka bottles and a huge amount of beers, Harry and Louis was walking their way down the beach. Louis had insisted on walking in the water and Harry offered to carry his shoes. Which he dropped for almost every step he took. Louis had found this so hilarious that he in the end had fallen down on his bum straight in the water. 


Harry walked over to Louis after dropped his shoes and pulled his oven of slowly and carefully not to fall as well. Louis was sat in the edge of the water laughing at Harry and himself. "Come here clumsy" Harry laughed drunkenly at Louis and held his hand toward a really drunk Louis.


Louis had of Harry's unsureness on his feet just ended up making him fall down over him and landing right on Louis' chest. "Hello" Louis whispered and looked up into the so perfect and a personal favourite of his, green eyes. Harry laughed down at Louis.


"Ups" he giggled. A while went of the two boys stopping their laughter and their eyes locked with each other. Louis swallowed, his hands resting on the boys hips. Harry licked his lips as he looked down at Louis own, So kissable and irresistible lips. Louis follows Harry's action by looking at Harry's full pink lips he had been lusting for weeks now. 


-smut(sex) alert-


Harry moved his head slowly down and trangled his hand with Louis now sand filled and wet hair. Their lips connected and something took over them. The kiss grew more and more heated as Harry had pushed his tongue down into Louis mouth, but Louis winning the battle. Louis wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and sat up, he laid Harry down on his back and crawled on top of him. "I top" he mumbled against Harry's lips, just before their tongue continued their playing around each other. Harry simply moaned a reply. The water came up each side of harry, stopping just by his shoulders.


Harry's fingers found the low sitting collar of Louis' tank top and he ribbed it slowly up. Louis rolled his hips into Harry's hips. "Be good to me" Harry whispered against Louis' lips. Louis' lips started to explore Harry's wet skin on his neck. "This is my first time". Louis nodded and ran his hands under Harry's shirt, his fingers rubbing over his nipples, causing Harry's back to arch just slightly and a small moan escape his mouth. Louis started to suck small bruises over Harry's neck. His fingers fiddling with unbuttoning Harry's shirt slowly.


"I'll be good to you" he reassured with a nob. Louis rolled his hips into Harry's again. He worked his tongue down Harry's chest along with him getting his shirt unbuttoned. "Very good" he whispered against the sensitive skin over Harry's boxers. 


Trousers and boxers got thrown in on the beach. Moans left both boys mouth with each trust inside Harry's body. Hands were everywhere. A main hand stroking Harry roughly and another on his hips, nails digging into skin. A hand in his own hair and another on Louis' chest. Water mixing with sweat, splashing everywhere. The nights silence was over as the two boys screamed each others names over and over again. Heated kisses and begging for more, for faster and rougher left Harry's mouth. 


Two bodies turned into one, making love. Both boys were to drunk to notice what was going on, but all they knew was. They loved this. 


"You close?" Louis moaned as his hips smashed deep into Harry hitting his bum. Harry whimpered, letting the boy know that his was. "Yeah come on then...your slut" Louis whispered butting down his bottom lip hard, watching the boy underneath him breathing heavily and struggling to say anything In between his moans and whines. White liquid slashed out over Harry's tummy. Soon after a hot liquid from the other boy filled him inside. 


-smut ends, still a little bit but not major, nakedness-


Names got whispered as the bodies collided together in the sand and water coving we half of their bodies. Louis kissed Harry's shoulder and closed his eyes trying to catch his breath. Harry took the time now to give Louis a love bite. "For tomorrow" he had mumbled against his skin. Louis had simply nodded, he was completely out of breath. 


Louis had woken up on the couch in his flat without remembering how he had got here or what happened last night. He was shirtless but wore his trousers. He feel a little sore in his thighs, and his head was baming. He rolled of the bed slowly to walk to the bathroom running a hand through his sand filled hair. Louis took a look in the full length mirror in the hall and his jaw dropped. 'Harry did this' was written on his tummy and a arrow to his penis. "No" he shaked his head as he saw his love bite. "No fuck. NO. NICK" Louis screamed. The only thing on Louis mind was. I had sex with harry.


Harry found himself waking up in Gemma's room. 'She must have picked me up' he thought to himself and rolled out of the bed. He froze as he felt a awful pain coming from his butt. "Omg" he mumbled and held a hand on it. It was incredible sore. He walked to his own room and spotted a lot of small love bites on his neck and something black on his back. He turned around 'Louis fucked this' it said and a arrow to his bum. "Shit shit shit" he mumbled and held a hand over his mouth. He didn't even notice the pounding head ache he had. He could only get his mind around one thing and that was. I had sex with Louis.


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