Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


3. Black beaty.


Louis pulled up at Harry’s school, twenty minutes early. He parked just in front of the big door to enter the school. The roof of Louis car was down, he did have a quite expensive car but it was old, he had gotten it cheap from a family member. The car was red, Louis’ favourite colour and the seats inside black. Louis was sat leant back against the car seat with his sunglasses on. Fingers were tapping the wheel as the music was playing loudly.

Good twenty minutes later, people came rushing out through the big door. Most heads was turned toward Louis and his car, no one knew who he was or why he was here. Louis head shoot up, his eyes running over the crowd. When he spotted the big mop of hair he pressed the car horn down and smirked as the boy jumped slightly of the sound. “Hey harry” Louis waved with a grin. Louis could see from where he was sat a blush creeping up on Harrys cheeks when everyones head turned toward him and back to Louis.

Louis watched Harry say goodbye to the two friends he was standing with and walking slowly over toward Louis’ car. Long slim legs and a thin long torso. “beautiful…” Louis whispered to himself just as Harry got into the car. “please don’t press the horn again, I beg you” Harry said, his face was now a pure red shape of colour. Louis just laughed and drove of out of the school. All head was turned toward the car as they drove off. Louis drove out of the city and looked around for the right place. “you’re going to love this, princess” he winked and pulled into a forest.

“im not a princess” Harry stuck his bottom lip out into a pout. Louis just laughed again and stopped in front of a big field. “So harry you need to promise me something” Harry nodded and looked at Louis. “promise me you’ll anything I tell you today, without hesitating or protesting.” Louis added with a smirk. Harry looked at Louis for a second, he looked deep into Louis’ eyes. “I promise” Harry whispered with hesitate in his voice. Louis grinned wide and got out of his car. “come on then” He jumped over the fence to the huge field and whistling, like he was calling something.

“What are you doing” Harry asked confused. He looked weirdly at Louis who kept whistling. Harry crawled slowly and careful over the fence, trying not to rip his school uniform. “bring clean clothes tomorrow curly” Louis whistled one last time and far away something came running. “there’s my beauty” Louis yelled with a grin and started to walk toward the animal coming running. Harry followed slowly looking at the animal coming toward them.  Harry stood behind Louis who had now stopped. The animal came closer and turned out to be a huge black horse. Louis hand reached out and landed carefully on the horse’s head. “hey beauty” he whispered and stroked the horse. Harry who really didn’t like horses stepped back and looked at the huge black horse with wide eyes.

“Harry this is poppy, well I call her that, because honestly I don’t know her real name, she is not mine” Louis swung himself up on the horse’s back. “come here, let me pull you up” Louis flashed harry a smile. “No thank you, horses sort of scare me” Harry stepped more back. Louis moved the horse closer to harry. “you promised” Louis added with a smirk, making harry groan. Harry took the hand Louis offered him and got pulled up on the horse. “hold on tight” Harrys arm grabbed around Louis tightly. Louis kicked his heels into the horse’s side and it rode of fastly.

Louis felt his phone ring and stopped Poppy. He picked up his phone.


“Lou, im in a crisis”

“I don’t have time right now Nick”

“but louuuuu”

“Nick, just tell me and get over with it”

“But you know, I just meet Liam again, at the fucking dancing school”


“Well he dances hip hop!”

“go talk to him then”


“Don’t yell, and if you haven’t gotten his number before you arrive home, you pay the whole house ret for this month”

“that’s not fair”

“ohh yes it is”

“but louuuu”

“shut up, I’ll see you at home silly”

“I hate you”

“luffff you”

Louis hung up with a laugh. “his is suck an idiot”. Harry looked at Louis. “who?”

“Nick, he is so much into this guy, and the thing is with nick he is rather confident with people he just want to have fun with for the night, but when it comes to someone he actually finds attractive he doesn’t dare doing a minor bit.” He laughed. “And now this Liam guy is at his dance school dancing hip hop, and Nick is a ballet guy” Harry grew wide eyes. “liam, like in liam payne” he mumbled low.

“I don’t know his surname, do you know him” Harry nodded and looked shocked. “whatever, let me show you something” And they were off again. Louis stopped Poppy in front of a big lake. “bring us over beauty” he whispered to the horse and it started walking carefully trough the water. “good girl, carefully” he whispered and stroked her neck. “You really enjoy being with her don’t you?” Harry asked carefully

“I love her” Louis whispered. “If I had enough money I would buy one myself, horses is such an elegant animal, they’re so beautiful and gently” Louis explained to harry. “I could get you one?” Harry suggested and placed his head on Louis shoulder. “I couldn’t ask you that” Louis shook his head. They got over the river and rode into a forest on the other side. “but you’ll love this..” But harry didn’t hear, he was in deep thought of how he could get Louis a horse without his mum and dad found out.

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