Rebecca as president?

Meet Rebecca, She's abloutly loved by teenagers, and hated by adults, mostly because she's a troublemaker...but what if she gets to be the president for a day?! Will she prove everybody wrong, Will she show everybody that she is more than a troublemaker?or will she do a really big mistake, and make everybody hate her?.....i guess you'll have to read the story to find out.
(this is a competition entry, so please write down your opinion, and maybe like and favourite?....if you do thank you, lots of love Lia xoxo


5. 5

I wake up, and find myself laying on the grass i stand up, look around, and most of the people weren't there i take a look at my watch and see it's 1:00 p.m. I go trough a one minute heart attack, it's my last day of being the president, and i spend my day sleeping? Who does that? I walk towards the door and into the white house, and as soon as i step in i scream my lungs out, i start running around like a retard searching for Norman, after a few minutes, i bump into someone "excuse me, where is Norman?" i ask, "w.c.", i thank her and run to the male's bathroom, i step in and find no one there, i decide to knock at the only closed door, "yes?" he asks, "oh, i looked everywhere for you" i explain to him, "Rebecca? You realized this is the male's bathroom, or did you?" he asks, he finally said something other than "yes, yes indeed" , "yes Norman i do, now could you please tell me where are.." i freeze great, now i forgot their name!, i try to remember, "where are the what?" he asks confused, "one direction, yes! I remembered, where are they?" i ask, "they should be leaving to go to the airport right now" he replies, "what?!" i shout, "thanks Norman" i say running outside, i run as quickly as i can, i stand on the pavement, i look to see a car a few meters away, i take a deep breath and start running "hey!" i shout as loud as i can, but the car doesn't stop, i continue running "please, stop the car, i have to explain something" i yell again, still no response, "hey! Just stop the car already" i finally yell, and it seems like i should've done that a long time ago, the car stops and a black haired guy steps out, "what do you want?" he asks rudely, "geez, what's up with you?" i ask back, "you, you messed up between my mates, and now your asking me why i'm so rude with you, just tell me what you want and let's get over this" he says, " i want to talk to your mates" i say, "you mean Harry and Niall?" he asks, "yes please" i reply, he rolls his eyes and goes back to the car, he says something to the people sitting inside, he sits back in the car and out steps, Niall and Harry, "hi guys" i say feeling embarrassed of what i did yesterday, "hey!" Says Harry, "just hurry up, we don't want to miss the plane" he explains, "so about yesterday i really didn't know that i talked to both of you", "just forget about it okay?" says Niall, "but i can't forget about it" i say, "listen, i may be a careless, fun loving troublemaker, but i can never ever ruin a friendship, i didn't even know you guys were in a boy band, you both are really good guys and any girl would be so lucky to go out with you...just not me, i don't deserve you" i say, in an apologetic tone, "yesterday at the kitchen, i told you that they shouldn't judge you by your cover" says Harry, he stops for a second and then continues "they really shouldn't" he smiles, and so does Niall, "awww" i say, smiling, a few tears roll down my cheeks, i pull them into a group hug, "go on! You have a plane to catch" i say, and they go back to the car, phew good job Rebecca, i'm proud of myself. I turn around and start walking back to the white house, what should i say for my last speech? Should i write something, or just speak from my heart? After my walk i decide to take a shower, i look at my watch and it's 4:30, wow, already? I go to my room and bet dressed, i'm ready for my final speech, i wait at the end of the hallway with Norman as the same announcer from day 1 speaks, "hello there fellow citizens, the two days are over and everything turned out better than we expected, first of all she didn't burn the city as she promised" the crowd laughs at that "and second, she did something that surprised all of us, well how about we welcome Rebecca herself?" she says, and i step out and the whole crowd cheers, "thank you, thanks a lot" i say smiling "two days already?! Man, i can't believe this, i'm so happy to be here standing in front of you guys, during this two days, i've experienced a lot of stuff, i threw a party the first day, and i'm giving the whole collected money to charity, and oh, don't worry directioners everything's fine between the guys, my parade yesterday helped me learn a lot of stuff i listened to a lot of happy and sad stories, i talked and laughed with strangers, i gave hugs to everyone who needed hugs, i figured out that i had a great life and i didn't figure that out until yesterday, i did a lot of stuff, but eventually i took a step froward, and i did it with you guys...that's my speech, it's not long, and it doesn't contain strong words, but it contains love, i spoke from my heart today, and it felt good, thanks love you guys" and with that i ended my speech, i enjoyed myself, and i helped a few people, i'm not the president anymore, but i'm still me, and  i'm not willing to change soon, that's it...lot's of love Rebecca xoxo

Author's note: i know this is a really short movella, but it is a competition entry, and i didn't have much time to write, but it has a moral at the end! So let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best...Lia xoxo
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