Rebecca as president?

Meet Rebecca, She's abloutly loved by teenagers, and hated by adults, mostly because she's a troublemaker...but what if she gets to be the president for a day?! Will she prove everybody wrong, Will she show everybody that she is more than a troublemaker?or will she do a really big mistake, and make everybody hate her?.....i guess you'll have to read the story to find out.
(this is a competition entry, so please write down your opinion, and maybe like and favourite?....if you do thank you, lots of love Lia xoxo


4. 4

I look around and see nothing, nothing but the darkness surrounding me, suddenly a flashlight opens, i find myself under the spotlight, "where am i?" i ask hoping somebody will answer, but instead i hear another question "who in this room thinks that Rebecca is guilty?", what? Where am i?, "i do" says a voice in the crowd, followed by almost a thousand, "please people, tell me where am i?" i yell in tears, but i get no answer, i hear the voice again "now Rebecca you may be punished" he says, i scream and open my eyes to see it was just a dream, i take a breath look at the clock on the wall to see it's 3:00 a.m. I get up, wear my slippers and head to the kitchen, i drink a cup of water, look outside the window, i can't continue living like this, i should do something with my life, i have an idea,i run up to my room i grab a plain white t-shirt and a black marker and write "let's take a step forward" on my shirt, i wear my denim jeans shorts and wear the shirt over it, i run outside and stand in the middle of the street and shout trough the loudspeaker "wake up people", i start walking and yelling "no time for sleeping, grab a marker and join me", "stop dreaming, wake up and make your dreams come true", i stand and look around to see the whole neighborhood awake standing in front of their houses, "what are you waiting for?" i shout again, "no i'm not drunk, if that's what your thinking, i just woke up from my so-called life which i thought was all about partying, dancing and having fun, i want to make a change" i yell, "i want to take a step forward" i say pointing at my shirt, and just when i was about to give up thinking that no one would ever join me, a little girl almost 8 hear old runs towards me and hugs me, i hug her back, "speak from your heart" i say handing her the loudspeaker, she nods her little head and takes the loudspeaker "hi everyone, i'm megan" she says, "the reason i ran and hugged this girl is because" she stops for a second and then continues "she looks a lot like my mom, and my mom is in the hospital right now, but my daddy promised that she will get out as soon as possible", "say something to your mommy Megan, what do you want to say to your mommy?" i ask her, "get well soon mommy, i miss you soooo much" says the little girl and a few tears roll down her cheeks, i carry her, and wright " for my mommy" on her shirt, and after a few seconds another person joins the group, and after a few seconds i look around to see almost 50 people surrounding me, "let's wake the others" i yell trough the loudspeaker, and the whole crowd cheers, we run trough different neighborhoods, waking them up and encouraging them to follow their dreams and take a step forward, after an hour i had thousands of people following me, some people take pictures and the others record everything on video, we where all over the news people all over the world knew our stories and secrets, we walk around the city until we get back to the white house, we all sit together on the ground and pass the microphone from one person to the other, i was the same person i never changed, i still had thousands of people surrounding me, i still had the attention but this time it was for a good reason, i felt happy i should have done this long time ago i still have a whole day of celebrating ahead of me, we had a great night, and at 7:00 a.m. we decided to take a rest and sleep for a little while, i lied on the grass and closed my eyes, trying to imagine how the rest of the day would be like.
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