Rebecca as president?

Meet Rebecca, She's abloutly loved by teenagers, and hated by adults, mostly because she's a troublemaker...but what if she gets to be the president for a day?! Will she prove everybody wrong, Will she show everybody that she is more than a troublemaker?or will she do a really big mistake, and make everybody hate her?.....i guess you'll have to read the story to find out.
(this is a competition entry, so please write down your opinion, and maybe like and favourite?....if you do thank you, lots of love Lia xoxo


3. 3

I wear my black dress which is long, glittery at the top and the amount of glitter gets lower till the is no glitter at the bottom, i put on my matching golden mask and walk to the door, the sound of the music and people talking gets higher and higher every time i take a step towards the door, the doors open and i step in, everyone turns to see who's here, i hear some good and bad comments from the crowd but i couldn't guess who said what because everyone's faces were hidden in masks, i walk towards the bar order a glass of champagne and go the blend in with the crowd, i look around the room and whoever did the decoration had done a perfect job, i was so amazed staring at the decoration that i didn't notice the guy on my left almost a few inches away staring at me, "hi" he finally speaks, i gasp "hello there" i say, he seems cute, and even tough he has a mask on you can still see his greenish eyes from behind his black and silver mask, "shall we dance?" he asks in a funny accent, "we shall" i reply trying to imitate his accent, he takes my hand and we start dancing, during the dance i learn a lot about him, "wanna see my face?" i whisper in his ear, "yes please" he answers, "meet me at the fountain outside" i say, he starts walking towards the door, "i'll be there in a minute"  i yell from behind him, i go to the lady's room to check my hair and makeup i stay in there for about 3 minutes, i come out still looking in the mini mirror in my hand, and i slam into someone, and my mirror falls from my hand, "i'm so sorry" he apologies, i don't say a word and lean to get my mirror but he seems to lean at the same time so i end up hitting his face accidentally with my head, "apology accepted" he says jokingly, i laugh and look at him to see the same guy i danced with a little while ago, "what are you doing here?" i ask him, "what do you mean?" he asks, "get out and meet me at the fountain idiot" i say, "but why?" he asks, "don't you want to know who i am?" i ask, "yeah" he says after a few seconds of thinking, "then get out" i say, he then walks away, what's up with him? I didn't stay at the bathroom for so long, or did i? I pick up my mini mirror take a look and walk towards the door, i get out and head to the fountain, but when i get closer to the fountain i something unexpected, there were actually two guys waiting for me at the fountain they both still had their masks on and they were wearing the exact same suits, i hide behind the closest tree and decide to hear their conversation, "hey Niall" says one of them, "hey" replies the other, "why are you outside?" asks the Niall guy to the other, "oh, um...just getting some fresh air", replies the other, and then asks "you?", "i'm actually waiting for someone special" admits Niall, "someone special?" asks the other guy, i decide to go before this conversation turns into a fight, i reach the fountain, and they both greet me with a smile, i stand there emotionless without saying a word, "are you okay?" asks the guy called Niall, "you may go now, i'll talk to her" says the other guy to Niall, Niall looks at him confused, "i am not leaving Harry" says Niall, so the other guy is called Harry, "excuse me?" asks Harry, and i decide to talk before this gets worst, "the truth is, i met both of you back there but i had no idea that you were two, and i actually liked both of you and trust me if i knew i talked to two guys i would have never have done this, so i'm gonna leave now, because this situation is getting so awkward, just forget that you even talked to me okay?" i say, not even stopping to take a breath, i turn around and start running, how the hell did i tell them to forget me? I sure couldn't forget them, i'll think about this later, now lets get this party over with, i go back to where the party was and act like nothing ever happened, and after a few minutes, there was a surprise announcement, "tonight we have, some great guests who volunteered to sing at this party for you guys today" said the voice that filled the room catching everyone's attention, "let's give it up direction" and after that last line, all the girls go nuts and scream and start fangirling, i turn to look at the stage to see who was this so-called one direction, and i notice one of the guys i talked to at the fountain getting up the stage, and then another one, and then another one, finally there were five similar boys standing on the stage, but i knew exactly who were the ones i talked to, and they were looking at each other angrily, and sending each other death glares, and before they even started singing one of them trows the microphone on the ground and leaves the room....great, i messed up a boy band, i completely blew up this time, and this is a problem i need to solve, i may cause some trouble, but i will never end a friendship...
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